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How To Submit an Issue

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Please read the following carefully before posting an issue!

Who can post issues?

  1. Scripters
  2. Users that have been approved by Scripters or Staff to post issues
  3. Users who have posted first in the bot-help section and then were told to open an issue

Q: But I need help! Where do I post?

        A. Post in the bot-help section


If you have met the qualifications please post to the github issue page here:


Using the format below will expedite the bug/problem solving process. Please use it so we (the staff) don't waste time repeating questions and waiting for answers which could have been provided before-hand.



Description of the bug (be specific):

How often the bug occurs:

Triggers of the bug (if known):

Java version:

Max Heap Size:

TRiBot client version:

Looking Glass (yes/no):

Operating System:

Script Name:

TRiBot Old-School or RS3:

Client Debug:

Bot Debug:

Screenshots (if any):

Do not say "latest" for Java/TRiBot version. The latest version changes often. Please specify the actual version number.

Please be as descriptive as you can about the bug. Saying "it doesn't work" is too brief to even know what you are having problems with. Help us help you by giving us as much detail as possible.

Please make sure to search the forums (at least briefly) for possible solutions to the bug.

Please do not make a thread about a bug if there is already an active thread about the bug. If there is, please post your information on that thread.

The TRiBot Staff

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