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TRiBot Beta 7.53_0

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This update includes:

  • TRiBot OpenGL interceptor version 3 (TOGL)
    • Version 3 will have increased performance and flexibility compared to version 2.
    • Version 3 is still in the works for RS3; features are currently limited.
  • Improved Pinball random solver.

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I just failed pinball 3 times in a row. 

1. found that im logged out for failing pinball

2. logged in + started script to make the client solve again (usually this helps with all failed randoms)

3. failed 1st. 2nd and 3rd time i did it. 

the problem: ????

it clicked 1st and 2nd time really nicely but as the score reached 2 it just stood there. in debug, it did not detect that score is 2.


any chance of reverting to the prev. solver until this is sorted? or idk.. could it be just a bad coincidence?


E: it gets stuck ~same (stuck on different score but still detects the score with mistakes) way on all occasions almost. 1/6 solved so far.

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