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Tri Puro Puro - 1m+ / hour - N VIP required

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I am having way too many problems with this script. it just walks back and forth through the same block of wheat for like 10mins, it stopped using snares..it keeps catching baby implings, ive gotten like 10 of them for every magpie impling i get.. its just rediculously bad for the $10 ive spent

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yeah man both the jars and the loot you get from them sell well.

Its good because the value of the jars are determined by the value of the loot

So for the jars to crash, all of the other items must crash aswell, which is not going to happen fast. Heres some of the common loot: dragonstone jewellry, dragon weapons, rune armor / weapons, dragon arrows / bolts , onyx bolts, mystic robes and alot more. None of those items are about to crash, in fact most of them will probably rise in value when PVP worlds come out.

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fastest way for 83 hunting is

1 to 21 do red crimson's

21-53 do tropical wagtails

53 to 59 grey chins

59 to 83 red sallys

or u can do red chins from 63 i think but ban rate is extreme


Mhm, never thought of red sallys, was thinking to do red chins, but ill just lose my account, could I just skip grey chins aswell? How much exp per hour is red sallys?

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yeah 83 is reccomended :P

also tommorow I'll code a free bot which exchanges shitty imps for impling jars :)

Has this been implemented?


Also, what's the gp/hr without snare/entangle? Want to see if I can bot my way to 79 mage for entangle  using this bot lol.

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