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TRiBot Beta 7.52_0

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Off the top of my head I assume the itemID's or itemclicking is incorrect due to the previous update. As soon as(Within 5 seconds) it trys to read whatever code USA has for checking the amount of gold in inventory it's logging out and stopping itself.

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Still getting this error: 


  • [01:00:45] Starting client.
  • [01:00:52] Downloading script 'USA Abyss Runecrafter'.
  • [01:00:55] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script. 

Four days without being able to bot my 13 Auths. Make something happen please, I've posted everywhere about this bug and I've talked to USA about it. He say's it's your problem not his. This is getting outrageous, I pay for my Auths they're not cheap. I pay for my Tribot VIP that is not cheap. I am able to Initiate two of my auth codes then I get this error. 


Post back if you're looking into it, i'm sick of waiting around for a god damn reply.

I had the same problem man, I wasn't able to run some of my scripts for about 4-5 days, but try to keep it calm I know it's frustrating, but talk friendly to the person you want support from. All I'm saying have a nice day :)

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