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TRiBot Beta 7.51_0

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This update includes:

  • New Prayer API.
  • Random handler improvements.
  • Detection of the "new bank pin" screen.
  • Fixed the client loader bug.
  • Forced random solver loading - not just the random detectors at the startup.

Edit: TRiBot Beta 7.51_1:

  • Fixes the repository instancing bug. This was caused by a change in TRiBot's network connection handler, which was released earlier than expected, due to having the fix the client loader bug and release before I went back to university for the day.

Edit: TRiBot Beta 7.51_2:

  • Fixes the account manager bug.

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  • [17:28:01] Downloading script 'wCombat AIO Lite'. 
  • [17:28:04] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script. 

tells me this everytime i try and run any script, and its not me because everything was working fine before todays update and it appears everyone is having this problem. please FIX this

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