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  1. 1. Should Iant06 get the rank of scripter?

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1) Snipplets: None atm :)

3) Randoms/updates submitted: None atm :)
4) Scripts available to the public:
Future Scripts:
AIO Oak Chopper and Planker(Not Finished) - http://pastebin.com/xHY3T7sc
AIO Clay Miner + Soft Clay Maker(Not Finished) - http://pastebin.com/6pnrZ6bP
5) Short biography / Coding Experience: 
My name is Ian,. I started playing RuneScape in the 3rd grade at the age of 9 and played until I found out about RuneScape Private Servers. I created and ran my first private server at the age of 12 being apart of the Rune-Server community going by the name of Core, link to profile. I ran a series of 4 private servers for about 5 years called Impact learning a good amount of knowledge in java and accumulating respect throughout the private server community and a reputation as a 'perfectionist'. My largest and most succesful server was Impact Pk which got to a player count of 600 and was bringing in roughly $1500 a month for a year and a half until it slowly died out. I am currently 19 years old at college pursuing a degree in computer science, programming scripts in my free time and I am taking/have taken courses in Java, C++, PHP, HTML, and SQL.
6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: 
I have been using Tribot for a while, buying and writing my own scripts and I feel that I can provide something new to the community and help it grow.
7) What you plan to provide the community with: 
Anything and everything that I can whether it be scripts, tutorials, snippets, random help, etc.
8) Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community?
Yes, I like to write various little scripts for myself and release them. Example: Pouch Retriever, flax picker
And, I also plan on releasing my AIO Chopper + Planker & AIO Clay Miner + Soft Clay Maker free to the public.
9) Do you agree to follow the terms found here if you ever release a premium script?
Yes, of course.
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Your code is very well written and you actually appear to know java instead of just knowing how to script for TRiBot. I wouldn't mind seeing some fresh ideas but I'll see what others have to say about that.

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Great organization in your code, shows you genuinely know Java, and aren't just following some random guide/copying code.

Only negative comment I have to say is in conjunction with Encoded's comment. I haven't seem any unique/in depth scripts that you've developed. While flax, pouch retriever and essence miner require dynamic programming, they realistically can be written quickly and in a short amount of time. I'll wait for others to post before voting.

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