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Its a little sad I must say. I love the concept of this script and Tri way of coding, I was crazy to buy it, but tri released it before he had it ready (Beta stage). I dislike that very much and im glad I didnt buy it. As soon as I see atleast 1 satisfied costumer, I will be your second.


Good day,



Sorry if you feel like its still in beta, it isn't its just because runescape is constantly updating, everything should be working within a few days


Wait what? your going to take a look tomorrow? but its 1pm as you said... well 2.18 pm now.


Different time zones like someone said earlier


Does this bot work at caged ogres with cannon support? If so i would love to purchase.


Yes it does :)


I paid you for an auth about a week or 2 ago, and you have not sent me it yet.


Please send it today.


First of all this bot has only been on sale for 6 days , and secondly I have never sold auths for this script. When you buy it the script instantly goes into your TRiBot scripts. Make sure it is added here: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?search=Tri%20AIO%20Ranged%20%26%20Magic&sort=default&category=all&price=any


Im sorry but i love the script! it has its ups and downs but its got me from 1-90 magic in 5 days? going for 94 so once the bug is fixed ill be getting 94... Im a happy customer.


Hey whats the bug?


Good script can I suggest, speeding up clicking on npc as I get more xp/ph with ur tri caved orges


I'll take a look at it now, are you higher or lower combat then the ogres?


Definitely needs working on, i havent been able to use this script at all since i bought it. Still waiting for the instruction manual.


Tri says he's busy so hopefully over the weekend it will be straightened out.


A guide should be finished within a few days, although most things are self explanatory, just read everything


man superheating was so perfect now it doesn't even work -_- I am close to 99 mage please fix it it just doesn't even do anythinggg =D


Please tell me more; What isn't working with it? 


Reloading and firing cannon doesnt work, it clicks cannonball but clicks again, doesnt click the cannon.


Also doesnt spec with weapon.


Strange, does it try to click the cannon? And I'm fixing the special bug tonight


Its because the new runescape update has screwed up the script, hopefully tri will fix it soon! the same is happening with Alching, Super heating and what not!


I'll be fixing bugs tonight


Pointless pushing an update anyway with all stupid null errors, breaks the script every 5 mins.


What settings are you using that get the null errors?


Doesn't seem like the scripter is very active. I think I'll need to look elsewhere for something similar (if there is one).


I'm back, I'm on school holidays so havn't been at home much


i plan on buying this once updated :)


Great :)

Edited by Tri

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Hey what i meant about the super heating is that it does everything but when it clicks superheat it just malfunctions and just moves the bot mouse everywhere but doesnt click anything. Doesn't go to the item at all move left right left right lol please fix soon trying to get 99 mage sunday =DDD

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Hey what i meant about the super heating is that it does everything but when it clicks superheat it just malfunctions and just moves the bot mouse everywhere but doesnt click anything. Doesn't go to the item at all move left right left right lol please fix soon trying to get 99 mage sunday =DDD

im nearly 94 mage! ive been using Brad's alcher/superheater, its in free scripts section. waiting for Tri to fix this so i can use this again!

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The problem we are talking about is not the nulls one,

the alching/superheat problem is that. It clicks on High alch/Superheat and then it malfunctions and starts to click on the magic or invent tab over and over instead of clicking the item its supposed to alch/superheat.

exactly that same thing happens to me and i have 99 banked lol -_- the struggle 

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just bought, when i set it up at ogres, it teleported using the ardy tabs instantly, i tried setting cannon up before hand and all it did was right click on cannon, hovered over pickup for a split second and then just teleported aimlessly..


trying to actually get this thing running, it wants to also try to grab the cannon through the fence...

and i can't even get it running regardless with cannon.. ugh the struggle.

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Already added! but your offline!


oh sorry had it on offline mode :P


he should be on this ASAP we all paid money for it 





The problems you are currently experiencing are to do with the TRiBot client, not with the script you purchased.

Hundreds of TRiBot users are experiencing problems with a large variety of scripts, and for now all I can do is hope that 

the client developers fix this problem soon.


The reason magic and cannons are not working at the moment is because the client for some reason is unable to read what your "uptext" is;

that is the text up the top left corner of your screen, which tells you if you are using an item ( e.g cannonball ) , or if you have a spell selected.

Without this many features of the script will be bugging out at the moment.


Until the client is fixed there is nothing I can do, and as soon as the client is fixed everything will be back to normal :)

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[9/23/2013 1:03:05 AM] Tri: yeah sure man I'll do it :)

[9/23/2013 1:03:18 AM] Cody g: you sure? you dont got to really.

[9/23/2013 1:03:25 AM] Cody g: was just gonna give u the 4m.

[9/23/2013 1:03:26 AM] Tri: na its allgood dude :)

[9/23/2013 1:03:56 AM] Tri: its up to you, 7.5 both or 4m one :P

[9/23/2013 1:03:57 AM] Tri: or just 4m now

[9/23/2013 1:04:06 AM] Tri: and ill sell you other one for 3.5 cause its yo birthday haha

[9/23/2013 1:04:08 AM] Tri: when its ready

[9/23/2013 1:04:25 AM] Tri: sweet man

[9/23/2013 1:04:27 AM] Cody g: i trust ya

[9/23/2013 1:04:32 AM] Tri: ill get you your yak auth code now

[9/23/2013 1:04:35 AM] Cody g: your known

[9/23/2013 1:04:44 AM] Cody g: and seem cool

[9/23/2013 1:04:57 AM] Tri: haha thanks :P, whats your tribot username btw?

[9/23/2013 1:05:00 AM] Cody g: plz send me aio range code when its done

[9/23/2013 1:05:03 AM] Cody g: bl4ckdev1l2

[9/23/2013 1:05:21 AM] Tri: Auth Code: 9***-9***-**** ~ Licensed to: bl4ckdev1l2 ~ TriYakFighter~

[9/23/2013 1:05:26 AM] Tri: sweet man

[9/23/2013 1:05:42 AM] Tri: if you need help heres a video: 

[9/23/2013 1:06:17 AM] Cody g: sending aio range/mage code later?

[9/23/2013 1:06:51 AM] Tri: yeah when its ready dude

[9/23/2013 1:07:00 AM] Tri: I'm HOPING I finished it tonight

[9/23/2013 1:07:27 AM] Tri: but your distracting me :P

[9/23/2013 1:07:47 AM] Cody g: okay

[9/23/2013 1:07:49 AM] Cody g: good night

[9/23/2013 1:08:10 AM] Tri: yeah man have a good sleep, good luck tommorow :)

[9/23/2013 6:03:46 AM] Tri: you awake?

[9/23/2013 11:04:24 AM] Cody g: yo

[9/23/2013 11:04:37 AM] Cody g: i am now




You did sell me it dude, before it was done. I bought yak off of you, and this one, both for 7.5m....4m for yaks, 3.5m for this one.


AND YOUR LIEING DUDE I HAVE PROOF! You will be banned dude

Edited by Bl4ckdev1l2

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  • Similar Content

    • By Red_Spark
      Red_ClayMaster is an open source soft clay making script.It will take empty buckets from Edgeville bank and fill them up with water.After all the buckets have been filled it will withdraw clay from the bank and start making soft clay.It will do this until it runs out of clay .
      Red_ClayMaster V2 is here!!!!!!!!!!
      I have re-written the framework, so I can expand on it easier.It also works a lot smoother now and it has passed my overnight test(Ran for 7h:42m made 8,3k soft clay, the only reason it stopped was because it ran out of clay )
      Starting the script:
      Start the script in Edgeville with and empty inventory.
      Make sure you have the supply in the bank
      Make sure roof are toggle off
      GUI Explained:

      Know Bugs:
      LogIn failing sometimes FIXED(13/01/2016)
      World Hoping
      GUI-Pick what you want to do
      Anti-Ban-Full ABCL10 compliance  (might not work as intended need to test it)
      Fast Dynamic clicking-Accenture and fast clicking
      Dynamic sleep/wait
      Have a suggestion?
      Feel free to post it. You can also pm or even contact me through skype. Just click the red Add My Skype button in my signature to add me to your skype
      Script Repository Link
      Need to implement ABC2 instead of ABC1 Done(will still tweak it a bit)
      If you're interested in the source code please go to this topic:
      2.6 Date 26/07/2020
      Removed Profit calculation(The api I was using no longer works and was breaking the script)
      2.5 Date 11/04/2019
      Updated IDs
      Updated World Hoping
      2.5 Date 20/01/2016
      Upgraded to ABC2(new Tribot Anit-Ban)
      2.4 Date 21/12/2015
      Added World Hoping
      2.3 Date 19/12/2015
      If the bot ends up outside the bank while making soft clay. It will run back to the bank(even if the bank is off-screen)
      2.2 Date 18/12/2015
      FIXED fail-safes in the script
      More info on this topic:https://tribot.org/forums/topic/58881-betared-claymasterfirst-script/
    • By Optimus
      Welcome to Optimus AIO Combat & Magic Lite Edition!
      Note: Because this is the Lite Version of the script, certain features have been disabled. To unlock all features please visit the premium edition thread: 
      1. Description

      2. Combat Overview
           2.1 What Can the Script Kill
           2.2 Core Combat
           2.3 Looting
           2.4 Banking
           2.5 Progressive Training
           2.6 Worldhopping
      3. Magic Overview
           3.1 Regular Spellbook
           3.2 Ancient Spellbook
           3.3 Lunar Spellbook
           3.4 Combo Alching
      4. Repository Information
      5. Testimonials
      6. Gallery
      Total Runtime Statistics:
      GUI Preview: 

      1. Description:
      Optimus AIO Combat & Magic is a script engineered to safely train up your Combat, Magic and Slayer skills using nearly every training method available in the game.

      Using ABC2 technology and thousands of hours of real human playing data, the script now out-performs most human players, while also avoiding bot-detection and staying under the radar from Jagex.
      2. Combat Overview:
      2.1 What Can the Script Kill?:
      The script is capable of killing every monster in the game, below are some noteworthy opponents: 
      Dragons - Including Green, Blue, Red, Black, Brutal, Adamant& Rune dragons - Amazing for goldfarming or training up your account.  Slayer monsters - Dark Beasts, Cave Krakens, Abyssal Demons, Drakes, Spiritual Mages/Warriors, Wyverns, Nechryaels, Gargoyles, Dust Devils & everything below. It will automatically use the required slayer items for finishing.  Crabs - The script can kill ALL types of crabs: Rock, Sand, Swamp and Ammonite crabs! are all supported. The script will reset the aggressiveness when they stop waking up.  Experiments - Insane XP for pures. Yaks - Insane XP for mains. Chaos druids - Good goldfarming for medium level accounts. All wilderness monsters - Good for farming emblems & wildy slayer.  Dagannoths - Insane XP, I recommend bringing a cannon for maximum gains.  Nightmare Zone Bosses - The script can kill all bosses inside NMZ and drink all the potions. It will end once the dream is complete.  Stronghold of Security and other dungeons - The script supports all of these locations.  Plus 1000's of other monsters - Literally anything you can think of, some people even use it for KBD.  2.2 Core Combat:
      Below are some of the core features that make the script so powerful. Using the features mentioned below the script can perform just as good as any player. 
      Custom fight areas - You can specify exactly where in the game you want the script to fight. Either with a polygon or a circle. Below is an example of a polygon fight area. Dwarf multicannon - The script will place, reload, pickup and stop your cannon decaying. Prayer - The script can use all prayers, including quick prayer, and even recharge your prayer at nearby altars.  Potions - Including Divine, Extended, Super, Regular, Energy, Stamina & NMZ potions.  Special Attacks - Supports every special attack weapon in the game, including weapon switching.  Guthans - The script can switch to Guthan's to heal, then switch back to your primary gear once hp is recovered.  Resetting Aggressiveness - The script can detect when monsters stop being aggressive towards you, and run away to reset the aggro.  Food - It can eat every type of food in the game. Even multiple types of food, simply seperate their names with a comma E.G Lobster, Swordfish. Bones to peaches - The script efficiently uses Bones to peach tablets if you've got them in your inventory.  Safe spotting - Safely train combat from a distance without taking any damage.  Uses slayer items to finish kills - Bags of salt, ice coolers, rock hammer etc. Detects if you've unlocked the slayer ability to auto-kill.  Bone burrying - Train up your prayer! 2.3 Looting:
      Looting by item name or ID - Simple to setup Looting by item price - E.G Loot all items over 500gp - Fetches prices from the Runescape grand exchange. Telekinetic grab support - For those hard to reach places.  High alching - Turn your loot into gold while you train! Pickup and re-equip ammo - Supports all ammo types. Ironman looting - The script will automatically detect if you're an Ironman, and loot accordingly.  Looting bag & Herb sack  - The script will automatically use them if you're carrying one. Accurate profit calculations  - Track your gains on screen or with your dynamic signature.  2.4 Banking:
      Supports every bank in the game - Can use every bank chest / booth / banker in RS. Fully customisable inventory setups. Tip 1: When withdrawing potions or charged jewellery, you can type (*) Instead of the dose number and it will withdraw whatever dose is highest in the bank. 
      For example Ring of duelling(*).  Tip 2: You can also type 0 as the quantity, and it will withdraw-all of the item instead of a specific quantity. 
      For example these settings would make it withdraw all of your cannonballs, then fill your inventory with lobsters.

      Supports all Teleports - The script can use all teleport methods including Spells, Tabs, Jewelery & Scrolls + more. Will bank for multiple conditions: 
      - Hp is below a set %.
      - Inventory is full.
      - Out of food.
      - Out of runes.
      - Out of ammo.
      - Out of all potions.
      - Out of prayer potions.
      - Out of antifire potions.
      - Out of cannonballs.
      - Before a break starts.
      - When your slayer task is complete. Heals to full HP at the bank - To save food during your trip, it'll heal up in the bank.  Logs out when you're out of supplies. 2.5 Progressive training: 
      The script can do the following when you level up, or after x amount of time:
      Upgrade equipment - E.g upgrade to Rune scimitar when you reach 40 attack. Change attack styles - E.g switch to Strength training after you reach 40 attack Change training method / location - The script can completely switch training methods, e.g Rock crabs to 60 strength, then go train magic to 70 alching, then switch back to Chaos druids after an hour. All without stopping the script.  2.6 Worldhopping: 
      The script uses both the ingame worldhopper and login screen worldhopper to find the ideal training spot. Note: All of these settings are optional. 
      Supports F2P, Members & DMM worlds  - It will automatically detect which you're in, and select worlds accordingly.  Worldhop when x players in your area - The script can count how many players are around and worldhop if it gets too busy.  Worldhop when there's a cannon in your spot - To avoid reduced XP / GP rates. Worldhop when there's a Jagex Moderator nearby - A safety precaution.  Worldhop when the break handler activated - So someone doesn't see you training for prolong periods of time. Worldhop when someone talks in your area. 3. Magic Overview:
      The script can train with pretty much every training method available, from Air strike to Ice barrage, it's all supported. 
      (The script can also loot, use cannon etc while using non-combat methods).

      3.1 Regular Spellbook
      The script can use the following regular spellbook spells, both in combat & out of combat.
      Splashing Strike spells Bolt spells Blast spells Surge spells Enchant jewelry spells Superheat items Enchant crossbow bolt spells Curse spells Alchemy spells Teleport spells 3.2 Ancient Spellbook
      The script can use the following ancient spellbook spells.
      All rush spells All burst spells All blitz spells All barrage spells 3.3 Lunar Spellbook
      The script can traing using the following lunar spellbook spells.
      Humidify Superglass Make Tan Leather Plank Make Spin Flax String Jewelry  3.4 Combo Alching
      The script can also Combo alch, meaning it will cast the high alchemy spell after using another spell to recieve rapid XP.
      It can combo alch with the following spells:
      Combat / Alch - E.G Fire surge & Alch at the same time Curse / Alch - From curse up to stun it's all supported. Earn up to 180K XP/Hour Teleport / Alch - Very fast XP.  4. Repository Information:
      To activate the script on the repository, please use the following links:
        https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3097-optimus-combat-magic/ - Lite Version

      https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/651-optimus-combat-magic/ - Premium Version
      Note: There is a 10 hour FREE TRIAL for anybody who wants to try out the PREMIUM VERSION of the script on the repository   5. Testimonials:

      6. Gallery:
      Killing 15,000 abyssal demons and getting over 26 whips on one account.

    • By Renditions
      A Mage Training Arena Script.
      This will do all rooms except Alchemist (WIP).

      Pretty simply GUI.
       - Orb Deposit means it will do shapes for points irregardless of the shape bonus. There is a Dragonstone option but I wouldnt reccomend it for fast points. World Change notifications should be off. 
       - Level select is the Enchantment spell you want to use. Have the required Staff and Runes for the casts you want. The script only checks for lack off Nature/Cosmic/Law Runes.
       - If you select Alchemist Playground. It will not do anything. 
      Any bugs please post here. I used this to get Bones to Peaches on some accounts with no negative repercussions as of now. 
      if anything looks super inhuman please tell me as well. The script does use ABC Sleeps but not much else. 

      Repository Link : https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3552

    • By ELON
      [ FREE ]   ELON Combat AIO  [ Open Source ] 

      . Description:
      Train Combat Anywhere Banking support Looting support Potion support ABC2 LVL10 Free Fully Open Source JavaFx Gui Paint  GET SCRIPT HERE: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3549
      SOURCE LINK: https://github.com/Elon333/Scripts
      If you have any questions, about the script or the source feel free to post me on here.
      Feedback on source or script is appreciated good or bad.
      What Feature would You Like to see Added Next?
  • Our picks

    • Hi everyone,

      I'd like to thank everyone for their patience in this transition period. Since last week, we've worked out the remaining bugs with this integration.

      Some users have still been having issues with connecting their forums account to their Auth0 account. To resolve this, we've imported all forums accounts into Auth0.

      Unfortunately, the accounts which were imported today were using an unsupported password hashing algorithm. Hence, random passwords were set during the import.

      What does this mean for me?

      If you've previously linked your forums account to your Auth0 account, you don't have to do anything. Nothing changes for you.

      If you haven't logged in via our new login yet,

      Try logging in with your forums email address and the last password you used

      If you are unable to login, please use the "Forgot password" tool on the login page:
      Follow the instructions to reset your password
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    • Hello everyone,

      Last week we tried to roll out Auth0 Login, but we lost that battle. Now it's time to win the war!

      Important changes

      When logging into the client, you'll now have to enter your Auth0 account credentials instead of your forums credentials

      Note: 2FA is still handled through your forums account (for the time being)

      Changes for existing users

      You'll have to link your Auth0 account to your forums account here: https://tribot.org/forums/settings/login/?service=11

      Auth0 accounts have been created for most existing users. Please use your forums email address and password to login.

      Important notes

      Make sure to verify your email address upon creating a new Auth0 account

      When we mention your Auth0 account, we mean your account used for auth.tribot.org as displayed below
      • 71 replies
    • To better support the upcoming changes (TRiBot X, new repository), we're switching our login handler to Auth0. Instead of logging in with the standard form, you'll now be required to login through our Auth0 application.

      All existing accounts which have been used within approximately the past year have been imported into Auth0 using the same email and password combination which has been stored on the forums.

      What does this mean for users?

      Your account credentials are now even more securely stored

      You'll be able to login via Facebook, Google, and others in the future

      Is there anything users have to do differently now?

      Existing users: You'll have to login with the standard login, open your Account Settings, then link your Auth0 account

      New users: You'll be redirected to our Auth0 app (auth.tribot.org) where you'll be able to create an account

      Why was this change made?

      The new apps we are creating (such as the new repository) aren't able to use the forums to handle user logins

      To centralize all user accounts in one area

      To ensure that the client login doesn't go down when the forums are having problems

      To speed up our development

      Other considerations

      There's no documentation or official support for using Invision Community combined with Auth0, so there are still a few kinks we're working out

      We're in the works of creating an account management panel specifically for Auth0 accounts (ETA August)

      It's not possible to change email addresses for the time being (this will be resolved this August)

      Changing passwords is a weird process for the time being. To change your password, you'll have to use the "Don't remember your password" tool on the Auth0 login page
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    • Over the past month, we've been working hard on TRiBot's new repository - a much needed update. This change has been deemed necessary for TRiBot X, and will allow us to really speed up development of all aspects of TRiBot.

      Today we are going to share what we've been working on!

      Now you must be wondering what kind of features the new repository will have.... well, you'll have to be patient for a little while longer. We're still figuring out various technical aspects so we can't provide answers to all possible questions. We're also focusing on development rather than writing about it so that everyone can get access to our latest developments at lightning speed. I will however answer a few users' questions.

      We're planning on a release of this early to mid August, giving users some goodies before TRiBot X's release.

      Thank you all for being patient. I hope everyone is excited as much as I am!
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    • Over the past few months, I’ve been working diligently on a new project - TRiBot X. Everything has been written from the ground up, with all of the best practices of software engineering. Every aspect of TRiBot has been re-imagined to support three main goals: flexibility, useability, and reliability.
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