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[Optimus AIO Combat & Magic] [Ironman] [Banking] [Potions] [Slayer] [Kills everything] [All Magic Training Methods] [Crabs] [Brutals] [Progressive training] [AIO Magic] + Much more

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On 10/26/2019 at 5:28 AM, Rhalala said:

is it possible to add using bags of salt and ice cooler for slay tasks?

9 hours ago, [email protected] said:

No bolt enchanting?

I will add both features today :) 

12 hours ago, burnsy69 said:

unsure as to how to set this up for rock crabs it does not reset the agro?

Which rock crabs are you trying to fight? You should just add them as your target like any other monster and it'll automatically handle it. If you need further assistance please pm me here or on my discord :) 


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@Rhalala  Enjoy ^_^


  • The script now support the use of Ice coolers, Bags of salt, Rock hammers & Rock thrownhammers while training slayer!
    The script will also detect if you've unlocked the ability to automatically use these items and act accordingly 😎.

The script is running perfectly!

@[email protected] Sorry I didn't have time to add bolt enchanting today, I will add it tomorrow.



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12 hours ago, Optimus said:

@Rhalala  Enjoy ^_^


  • The script now support the use of Ice coolers, Bags of salt, Rock hammers & Rock thrownhammers while training slayer!
    The script will also detect if you've unlocked the ability to automatically use these items and act accordingly 😎.

The script is running perfectly!

@[email protected] Sorry I didn't have time to add bolt enchanting today, I will add it tomorrow.



Mate.. you are a serious legend. Thank you so much this is hands down probably the best script to use on Tribot.

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@[email protected] Enjoy ^_^ 


  • New magic training method: Enchant bolts! - All types of bolts are supported, when you run out of bolts or runes the script will log out.
    This training method has full abc2 antiban, and uses the keyboard f-keys and number keys to speed the process up.

    The script is running Perfectly!
8 hours ago, Rhalala said:

Mate.. you are a serious legend. Thank you so much this is hands down probably the best script to use on Tribot.

Haha thanks for the feedback man glad you like it! Any other features you'd like to suggest?

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On 9/18/2019 at 8:42 PM, Optimus said:

Hey yes the script can burst & barrage, although I dont think the MM caves are pathed yet so it may have trouble banking from there. Feel free to test it out with the free trial ^_^

Where abouts were you botting and for how long? Also my records show you've never purchased the script. 

I had your free combat script and I was botting at sand crabs

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Hello, how would you set up the script for chinning; would be really really grateful for a quick but thorough guide.

Also, does the script optimize the monkey spawns/locations, so as to maximize xp per hour (i.e. stacking them in the square-ish pattern so the chinchompa blast/dps exponentially spreads)?

Additionally does the script offer banking, for extended chinning runs?

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer; going to purchase your script next week I believe.

edit: it does not seem like the script supports intelligent chinning (i.e. making sure skeletons are in a square to get that 350k xp, versus the 220k the script levels out to for me). purchased the script anyway because it has a lot of other cool functionalities, but it would be really really really cool if you added a special chinning program (hopefully not too hard to code on top of the amazing lines you must already have). just food for thought

Edited by astrometree

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Hey, i'm trying to use the Superheat Item magic bot, but it doesn't do anything. When I start, it says "You're using DaxWalker, if you haven't already allowed the script to download the map, please allow now."

And it says leaving in status. How do I allow it to download the map? TriBot firewall is disabled and everything in Firewall is allowed always.

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Hey.. love this script I always use it when I'm building accounts... something that I personally think would be useful to be able to do with the script is to be able to set some parameters to "do this".."when".."some event." Tried to say that a bit vague because it could apply to more things than just what I have in mind, I'm sure. The reason I'm particularly interested in this feature is so I could set the script to "click Magical Animator".."after".."finished looting". In my use it would be looting after combat, not during,  but I don't specify that in my arguments because you won't get in combat again until you make the action. Also I don't know that it makes a difference but I'll note that I've started this manually and what I do is let the script run with no set targets (so it doesn't chase after any bystander's Animated Armour). After clicking the animator the Armour will automatically attack you making you not need to select a target, considering your auto-retaliate is on. I also set the loot table to grab the tokens and all possible Armour types you can use, so I don't have to change it as they upgrade.

Another thing I guess I should throw in, my profit gained with this script is about to sky-rocket now (I don't use the script for profit, mostly leveling low alts to a certain point) because every kill it's looting the set of Armour and counting it as a new profit gain.


Anyways, thank you for the scripts and thank you for reading this... It's just an idea, if there's some reason this isn't a feature or is not feasible then by all means shoot it down, I will continue using this script regardless.

***Also later found it does not recognize the bank inside there and started running towards Falador for food, leaving my animated armor. Just a note if this feature is of interest***

Edited by High Order
remove added signature, had doubled. **Add info

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Just started using this script for the odd slayer task and i have noticed it is not looting items, I have set the loot value to 1000 but nothing is being picked up. I get round this by looking at the monsters drop table and adding items to the pick up list (I am using mirror mode if this is any help) also if on a slayer task and a superior spawns will the script know to attack it? I have attempted to find the superior monsters ID numbers but no luck yet.  

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      Fluffee's Tutorial Island v4
      TRiBot's best Tutorial Island Script
      • Completes Tutorial Island
      • Supports loading of bulk accounts
      • Script Argument/Queue/Client Starter support
      • Tons of customization options
      • Random account profiling
      • Full ABC2 support
      • Post tutorial island tasks
      • Account Creation
      • Task based, chose the options for every account
      • Resizable mode support
      Get it here!

      Script Arguments
      Script arguments must be entered as follows (with the following keys):
      settingsFile:saved_settings_file_name.json; The only argument required now is the name of the settings file to load. If the file specified does not exist, an error will be printed in the debug, and the script will show the GUI instead.
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      Bbuu20's Tutorial Island (ABC2) (V3.1)
      Hi, and thanks for checking out my first script! This script features:
      GUI to toggle roofs, music, fixed mode, and character customization GUI Text Boxes to enter coordinates that the script will walk to upon completion of tutorial island Custom Paint to display the current runtime, and which step of the island we are currently on Random Name Creation that will randomly make a name, choosing strings from the English dictionary. Full ABC2 Implementation to significantly lower the script's ban rate I am very open to any suggestions on how I could improve this script. Please let me know if you experience any issue at all with the script, I will do my best to fix it and reply to you quickly. If you enjoy the script, some positive feedback would be greatly appreciated!
      Source Code: https://github.com/bbuu20/Tribot/tree/master/Bbuu20's%20Tutorial%20Island/src/scripts
      Get It On The Repository: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3296-bbuu20-s-tutorial-island/
    • By Optimus
      I'm slowly going back and rewriting all my scripts with the latest and greatest methods, and todays re-release is my firemaker  

      Optimus AIO Firemaker is a free All In One Firemaking script that's efficient and easy to use.
      Simply click start script and watch the world burn.
      The script will automatically detect which logs to use from your inventory or bank, and progressively train your firemaking until you run out of logs.

      ~ Withdraws tinderbox if you don't have one
      ~ Supports all logs types
      ~ Progressive training - Will automatically start burning better logs if they're available
      ~ Smart algorithm to detect best area to burn
      ~ One-tick burning
      ~ Logs out when out of logs
      ~ ABC2 Antiban
      ~ Sleek paint
      ~ Lit AF 
      Supports 8 different locations:
      (The script will automatically detect the nearest location)
      ~ Varrock West
      ~ Varrock East
      ~ Grand Exchange North
      ~ Grand Exchange South
      ~ Falador East
      ~ Draynor Village
      ~ Duel Arena
      ~ Seers Village
      ~ More to come (Open to suggestions).

      Free repository link:

      Hope you all enjoy the script! Feedback is appreciated  
    • By bbuu20
      I've been trying to implement abc2 into my tutorial island script, but I thought it may be easier if I started from scratch. Since then, I've been working on a mining script that mines and banks, and I thought that I did a pretty good job of implementing abc2. Upon running the script however, I noticed that there were a few things off.
      1.) Despite being called whenever the player is animating, the timed actions don't seem to actually do anything.
      2.) Sometimes when mining, the abcutil will decide if the mouse should hover over the next target. This is good and working how it should, but when it's done mining the current rock, it doesn't actually click on the rock that was hovered over.
      I was hoping some of you could look at my code, and help me get to the bottom of these issues. The problem has to either be in Antiban.java, Mine.java, or maybe both.
      Source code: https://github.com/bbuu20/Tribot/tree/master/Bbuu20's%20Dynamic%20Miner/src/scripts
    • By Fluffee
      Fluffee's TRiBot Credit Shop
      Purchase credits securely from a TRiBot Administrator, and get back to botting quickly!

      Current Price: 2.4m OSRS/Credit or $1.15 BTC, ETH, XRP or LTC/Credit
      Lower prices available depending on quantity, discounts start at 50 credits!
      Contact Methods
      Discord: Fluffee#9509
      PM on the Forums
    • By ScriptsForMains
      Straightforward to use, fill in the boxes and watch as your character power trains everything that's simple to power train...  Or opt to bank the items.  Whatever tickles your pecker. Works wherever daxWalker is available.  If this script sees high demand I'll make a GUI and command line arguments... 

      I've tested it on fly fishing, teak trees, iron, and thieving guards...  It should work on just about anything. It's a simple script that left clicks on anything you specify and drops whatever items you tell it to.  Supports coin pouch. If you opt for banking, it will bank once the inventory is full and there are no "drop items" left to drop. It will bank everything in your inventory (for now).   
      Doesn't support food (yet) but works as a simple power leveler. Can be set to run to a bank and end the script if you drop below 20 hp. Can also be set to world hop if there are any players nearby (feature turns off for trip to bank and back).  

      Like all my scripts with a "main" designation, it will periodically pause/afk to mimic a real player and check itself to make sure it isn't stuck somewhere.  Please post any questions/problems/suggestions.  
    • By Optimus
      Optimus Yak Fighter V2
      This script annihilates yaks on the island of Neitiznot. These are an amazing source of xp, and require little to no food on most accounts.
      Best of all they're right next to a bank, so restocking for potions is quick and easy.
      Yak info:
      0 Defence
      Extremely fast xp for accounts that have completed The Fremennik Trials
      Kills Yaks on Neitiznot Advanced ABC2 antiban with a 10/10 rating. Can worldhop when certain conditions are met. Drinks all potions. Banks for more food / ammo / runes when required. Start the script from anywhere and it will take you to Yaks! And much more! Repository link:


    • By Optimus
      Optimus AIO Tzhaar Fighter V2
      Tzhaars are a great method for training up your combat stats while making some good profit! All of the obsidian items are now worth a lot, and with the expansion of the Tzhaar caves they are now a very viable source of income! One of the best features of this script is that it can safe spot the Tzhaars using Ranged/Magic or Halberds so that you don't take damage, which means you don't need a high defence level or much food to kill them!
      Kills all the Tzhaar monsters in all locations, including the new inferno area. Earns up to 1m/hour! Create your own fight area and select which monsters you want to target. Full safe spotting support, as well as face to face melee combat. Can fight with ranged / magic / melee ( Including halberds for safe spotting ). Advanced ABC2 antiban with a 10/10 rating. Custom looting & profit tracking Drinks all potions Can worldhop when certain conditions are met. Banks for more food / ammo / runes when required. Can navigate any player to the fight caves on foot, or via the minigames teleport if available.. And much more! Repository link:

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    • [CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT] 2019 Botter's Choice Awards
      2019 Botter’s Choice Awards

      To celebrate the launch of our TRiBot Official RuneScape Bot Blog,

      we’re doing a giveaway! 

      The TRiBot Official RuneScape Bot Blog: 

      Teaching you how to do more advanced botting, faster.
      Contest Details

      Prize: 3 winners will be selected to win 25 TRiBot credits.

      How to enter:

      Respond to this forum post by November 12th tagging the thread for: 

      Your favorite script

      Provide a brief explanation (1-2 sentences) why you think that script should be put in the top 5. 

      Who can enter?

      Botter’s who are not currently scripters. Sorry scripters, the people are going to vote. Your contest is here.

      The top 5 in each category will be showcased on our TRiBot Official RuneScape Bot Blog in a “People’s Choice” section and promoted across the TRiBot website. 

      -- Credits will be awarded based on thoughtfulness and humor -- 

      Bonus points

      Use a meme in your explanation. Because we all love memes.

      *no purchase necessary. Winners will be announced on Friday, November 15, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. on our News and Announcements forum. 

      -- Vote Below -- 
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      I've noticed some new TRiBotters have had some troubles finding out sources of how to do certain things, such as using advanced scripts and often get lost in the forums.

      We are still getting posts asking where to start, what to do, recommended scripts, etc. 

      As many of you know, I am new to the team, and had troubles myself learning how to bot, let alone script. 

      So, what our team decided to do was make it easier to learn how to bot, how to script, and just become an overall better botter and scripter faster. 

      As some of you might have seen, I've posted 3 new blogs, you can check it out by clicking on the following picture or here.

      These first 3 blogs are the first of many blogs that will be TRiBot official. They are encouraged to be challenged, improved upon and act as A Best Practices Guide for Botters.

      What information would you like to see in the blogs?

      👇 [TEASER] 👇




      We are going to be hosting a  CONTEST  this  OCTOBER.

      Its scary to think how soon you'll find out.👻

      Stay tuned.

      - RileyZ
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    • Today marks a big day for TRiBot! To make it easier for users to use TRiBot, we've created installers available for every platform! These installers are all bundled with the latest version of OpenJDK 1.8 (Java 😎, which is LG compatible.

      Using TRiBot is now easy. Simply download the installer for your platform, install TRiBot, and run it. The TRiBot Loader will correctly identify the bundled JDK so there's no need to change the Java selection.


      EXE installer: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.3.exe

      MSI installer: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.3.msi

      Portable version: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.3.zip

      Mac OS

      Installer: TRiBot-macos-4.0.3.dmg

      Portable version: TRiBot-macos-4.0.3.tgz


      Installer: TRiBot-unix-4.0.3.sh

      RPM installer (CentOS/Fedora): TRiBot-linux-4.0.3.rpm

      DEB installer (Debian): TRiBot-linux-4.0.3.deb

      Portable version: TRiBot-unix-4.0.3.tar.gz

      Platform Independent

      JAR file: tribot-loader-4.0.3.jar

      Note that this jar file does not include the bundled JDK.

      Windows and Mac OS users may notice a warning message stating that the installer/application is un-recognized or un-trusted. Please ignore this message and proceed with running the installer/application. We need to acquire a code signing certificate so that we can sign the installers letting the operating system know that these files can be trusted. It will take a week or more to acquire one, so please hold tight.

      Other notable changes to the TRiBot Loader:

      Support getting the version from OpenJDK distributions

      Add check for bundled JDK

      Copy OpenJDK tools.jar to the bundled JDK if not present

      Set the current java as the first available list entry

      Ignore Java versions which are symbolic links

      Make the bundled JDK the preferred Java version

      Update icon images

      Reduce the number of HTTP calls
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    • TRiBot is looking to improve a lot of its customer relationship management, customer on boarding process, customer experience, design elements, community engagement and pretty much everything else you can imagine when it comes to marketing.

      Our goal: To ensure that the marketing done TRULY reflects the experience and does not shine an inaccurate light on what TRiBot is lacking in.

      So I ask, what do you love about TRiBot and what do you hate about TRiBot? What does O S Bot, Rune M8, PowR Bot and Dre amBot do better? (yes I purposely didn't spell it right 😂).


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    • Hello TRiBot,

      Today we have a significant release that has been in the works for the last month addressing several key issues, features and bugs in the backlog.

      With these changes, we are also including a new TRiBot Loader which will allow you to select any version that is released. This adds the flexibility of allowing you to revert to a previous version should an issue arise, run development only builds, view an accurate change log between versions etc. we are very proud to offer this feature and think it will add a lot more functionality down the road as we continue to release new versions.

      These changes include 80+ commits by our development team, a list of them is summarized below and also available for your viewing pleasure in the new TRiBot Loader.

      In addition, we have taken additional steps to improve as a development team by adding continuous integration and deployment into our workflow to assist in delivering timely releases such as bug fixes as well as new features on a weekly basis depending on our development cycle.
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