(Formerly known as Tri AIO Combat & Magic)
This script is an all in one combat script that can fight every monster in Runescape safely with extensive features
Combined with a premium all in one magic trainer that can train your magic up using nearly every magic training method available!  The script is now capable of training on all monster within this map! And additional monsters in dungeons such as the stronghold of security, slayer dungeon, taverly dungeon and many more places!
Features Overview: AIO Combat Features:  VIP is not required!
  10 Hour free trial on the repository 
Complete all in one combat system that can fight every single monster in Runescape including but not limited too:
 Brutal black dragons! *NEW*
 Wyverns! *NEW*
 Everything in the stronghold of security *NEW*
 Slayer dungeons *NEW*
 Sand crabs (automatically resets aggressiveness) *NEW*
 Rock crabs (automatically resets aggressiveness) 
 And hundreds more different monsters!
  Can bank at every bank in Runescape
  Can use all teleports
  Supports all food types
  Guthans healing
Dwarf multicannon support
  Supports all weapons and special attacks
  Re-equips ammo and can withdraw more from the bank
  Supports all potions
  Automatically uses the Looting bag and Herb sack
  Customisable looting by Item Name, Item ID, or items worth more than x price (Automatic price lookup).
Full prayer support
Resets Rock crabs and Sand crabs aggro (Including 10k island).
  Safe spotting optional
Full worldhopping system that can worldhop when many different conditions are met
Bones to peaches support
Herb cleaning and dropping
  ABC2 antiban with a 10/10 rating
  Telekinetic grab support
Progressive training (Upgrade gear, switch training spots & more)
  Can bury bones
  Load & save GUI settings
  Profit calculations and xp tracking 
  Start the script from anywhere
AND MORE! AIO Magic Features:
This script isn't just an AIO combat script, it's also an All In One Magic script!
The script can train magic using the following methods:     Every single combat spell available, from air strike to ice barrage; It's all supported
  Every single curse spell available
  Stun/combo alching!
This is the best magic xp in the game, you cast a regular combat spell or curse, quickly followed by a high level alchemy spell.
This can earn you up to 180k magic xp/hour!
  All alchemy spells
  All enchantment spells
  Superheat item
  All teleport spells
The script can also train with the following lunar spells!
  Plank make
  Superglass make
  Tan leather
  Spin flax
  and More!   Purchase info and script trial info:

Packages: ~Free Trial~
Price: $FREE
 Every month you're allowed a free 10 hour trial with the script, enjoy
 Complete access to all features
 ~1 Month Package~ 
Price: $10 
 VIP is not required to run the script
 The ability to train all of combat and magic effortlessly and safely for 1 month
 Complete customer support via skype and the TRiBot forums
To purchase the script or activate your free trial, click the image below:
https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/651-optimus-combat-magic/ Gallery Click show on the spoiler to view images of the script running   FAQs