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Optimus AIO Combat & Magic - 5 Years Development - Kills every monster in the game - Banking - Progressive training - Guthans - Dwarf multicannons - Prayer - Dungeons - Crabs - Wyverns - Slayer - Brutals - Potions & More - FREE TRIAL

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(Formerly known as Tri AIO Combat & Magic)
This script is an all in one combat script that can fight every monster in Runescape safely with extensive features
Combined with a premium all in one magic trainer that can train your magic up using nearly every magic training method available! 

Features Overview:

AIO Combat Features:

066.png VIP is not required!
066.png  10 Hour free trial on the repository ^_^
066.png Complete all in one combat system that can fight every single monster in Runescape including but not limited too:

Point%20Blue.png Brutal black dragons! *NEW*
Point%20Blue.png Wyverns! *NEW*
Point%20Blue.png Everything in the stronghold of security *NEW*
Point%20Blue.png Slayer dungeons *NEW*
Point%20Blue.png Sand crabs (automatically resets aggressiveness) *NEW*
Point%20Blue.png Rock crabs (automatically resets aggressiveness) 
Point%20Blue.png Dragons
Point%20Blue.png Giants
Point%20Blue.png Goblins
Point%20Blue.png Ghouls
Point%20Blue.png Dagganoths
Point%20Blue.png Druids
ArrowRightGreen.png And hundreds more different monsters!
066.png  Can bank at every bank in Runescape

066.png  Can use all teleports
066.png  Supports all food types

066.png  Guthans healing
066.png Dwarf multicannon support
066.png  Supports all weapons and special attacks
066.png  Re-equips ammo and can withdraw more from the bank
066.png  Supports all potions
066.png  Automatically uses the Looting bag and Herb sack

066.png  Customisable looting by Item Name, Item ID, or items worth more than x price (Automatic price lookup).
066.png Full prayer support
066.png Resets Rock crabs and Sand crabs aggro (Including 10k island).
066.png  Safe spotting optional
066.png Full worldhopping system that can worldhop when many different conditions are met

066.png Bones to peaches support
066.png Herb cleaning and dropping
066.png  ABC2 antiban with a 10/10 rating
066.png  Telekinetic grab support

066.png Progressive training (Upgrade gear, switch training spots & more)
066.png  Can bury bones
066.png  Load & save GUI settings
066.png  Profit calculations and xp tracking 

066.png  Start the script from anywhere

AIO Magic Features:
This script isn't just an AIO combat script, it's also an All In One Magic script!
The script can train magic using the following methods:


066.png  Every single combat spell available, from air strike to ice barrage; It's all supported
066.png  Every single curse spell available
066.png  Stun/combo alching!
This is the best magic xp in the game, you cast a regular combat spell or curse, quickly followed by a high level alchemy spell.
This can earn you up to 180k magic xp/hour!

066.png  Splashing!
066.png  All alchemy spells
066.png  All enchantment spells
066.png  Superheat item
066.png  All teleport spells
The script can also train with the following lunar spells!

066.png  Humidify
066.png  Plank make
066.png  Superglass make

066.png  Tan leather
066.png  Spin flax
066.png  and More!


Purchase info and script trial info:


~Free Trial~
Price: $FREE
066.png Every month you're allowed a free 10 hour trial with the script, enjoy :cool:
066.png Complete access to all features

bestvalue.png ~2 week Package~ bestvalue.png
Price: $5
066.png VIP is not required to run the script
066.png The ability to train all of combat and magic effortlessly and safely for 2 weeks
066.png Complete customer support via discord and the TRiBot forums

To purchase the script or activate your free trial, click the image below:



Click show on the spoiler to view images of the script running


















Q: The script says I have ran out of items in my bank, but I haven't!
A: You spelled the name of one of the items wrong, make sure it is spelled exactly like it is in-game.

Q: The script keeps missclicking and acting weird
A: Make sure Runescape is not in resizeable mode, and restart your tribot client

Q: How do I use attack style index's in the training manger?
A: Basically your 'attack style index' is the position of the attack style you want to use on the combat tab. 

E.g with a magic shortbow:

Accurate has an attack style index of 1

Rapid has an attack style index of 2

Longrange has an attack style index of 3.

Note: For this part of the training manager to work, you must set up your weapon on the first page of the gui:


Q: The script is not eating my food, help!
A: You spelled the name of your food wrong, or did not select the 'Use food' box in your safety settings.

Q: I need help setting the script up, or would like to talk to you, how can I contact you?
A: The best way to contact me is through the private message system, or through skype. My skype is: Tri.Tribot


Edited by Optimus
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Yes but at the current stage it will not bank for more supplys, but it will fight correctly and then you can make it teleport when your out of pots


Just bought dude, looks very detailed, just a thought with break system does it pickup cannon before logout so you dont lose it?

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Just bought dude, looks very detailed, just a thought with break system does it pickup cannon before logout so you dont lose it?


Hmm I'm not too sure, using any of the logout options in the GUI means that it would pick up the cannon. 

But I have never really done much with the break system, I'll take a look at the breaking API now and see if I can work something out :)

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Quick update:


  • Greatly improved combo alching speed, before was getting around 120k magic xp/hr, now getting 160k hour! 

- this is using enfeeble and high alch, using stun is even faster xp than this!



+ I added in extra emergency teleport options - Tele when: out of ppots, ammo, and food :)

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Just bought this script, tried to run it and all i get is this...

  • [23:57:07] Downloading script 'Tri AIO Ranged & Magic'.

and nothing happens!


Make sure you allow any firewall popups and just let it download. It has to download the script files, + some pictures and some item prices from zybez.net


But it shouldn't take any longer then 15 seconds (unless you have slow internet ). If it still doesn't open add my skype: tri.tribot and I'll help you out :)

Edited by Tri

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Make sure you allow any firewall popups and just let it download. It has to download the script files, + some pictures and some item prices from zybez.net


But it shouldn't take any longer then 15 seconds (unless you have slow internet ). If it still doesn't open add my skype: tri.tribot and I'll help you out :)


Your script is on the repo twice he might have bought the wrong one =/

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Wow you're really plugging your script for sales haha seems good though will sell itself easily.


Not really, If you were me; What would you put the script under? Why only place a magic & ranged script only in the ranged category, then people who are searching for a magic bot wouldn't find it :P

Edited by Tri

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      FC Questing supports an account queue, meaning you can run many accounts through the script with ease. Simply create a file in the directory which is opened by the "load accts" button, and format it like so:
      Each account must be on it's own line. The accounts will all be ran with the same settings that you have selected. If a banned / locked / invalid account is provided, it will skip over it.
      GE Support / Gathering:
      The script currently features Grand Exchange support for quests that should utilize it. Also, the script supports gathering items manually as well. Check the quest list above to see what each quest supports. Here are some things you should know:
      If supported, the script will attempt to purchase items from the GE first before gathering manually If the player doesn't have enough gold for all of the items, it will then resort to manually gathering the rest of the materials (if gathering is supported for the quest) The script will attempt to purchase items < 2,000 GP for double their market price, to try and avoid waiting. >= 2000 GP will be bought at 1.3 times their market price (this can be changed if you have suggestions) If the quest does not support manual gathering, and the GE process fails, the script will end The script will abort & resubmit any offers that don't sell instantly, for 15% higher (if the character has enough gp to do so). This helps avoid waiting around for items to sell. General Notes:
      As this is a quest script, there are a lot of moving parts. This almost ensures that bugs will pop up now and then. Please report them when they arise, provide a detailed description, and I will fix it as fast as possible.
      The script generally should be able to start in the middle of a quest, however please be aware that this may result in questionable script behavior and / or the quest not completing properly.
      Bug Reports / Suggestions / Questions:
      Please see the thread here on how to report an issue or suggestion. Direct posts on the thread or private messages will be redirected to here.
      Please join my discord channel here for other miscellaneous inquiries. This is the fastest way to contact me.
      Pricing for FC Questing (FULL):
      1 hour free trial (resets on the first of every month) $3.99 per month, 10 instances (great for the casual user) $9.99 per month, 30 instances (great for the large bot farmer) $14.99 per 6 months ($2.50 per month), 10 instances (great for the long term user) $39.99 per 6 months ($6.67 per month), 30 instances (great for the long term large bot farmer) Pricing for FC Questing Lite (TUTORIAL + 7QP):
      1 hour free trial (resets on the first of every month) $0.99 per month, 10 instances $2.49 per 3 months ($.83 cents per month), 10 instances $3.99 per 6 months ($.67 per month), 10 instances $9.99 per 6 months ($1.67 per month), 30 instances  

      Time Lapse:
  • Our picks

    • This release will:

      Fix LG for both OSBuddy and RuneLite

      Fix issue where the resizable client isn't able to be made smaller (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Fix detection of the logout game tab when resizable mode and side panels are enabled (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Add initial support for Sentry to allow us to identify and easily debug exceptions happening with all TRiBot users

      Add methods to determine if the bank is actually loaded, and not just the overarching interface (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Upcoming updates:

      Improved CLI support

      Full Sentry support

      Much more
      • 62 replies
    • This release will:

      Fix NPE in Camera API (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Update deposit box interface ids (Thanks @Encoded)

      Add various bank methods (Thanks @wastedbro)




      Fix resizeable minimap bug (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Remove Java 8 requirement

      Please note: TRiBot is not yet fully compatible with Java 10+

      Fix the break handler issues by ensuring the break handler thread never gets paused

      Fix broken settings hooks

      Upcoming updates:

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
      • 68 replies
    • This release will:

      Add support for using custom F key bindings to switch between game tabs (Thanks @erickho123)

      Fix tab opening for "Skills" and "Kourend Tasks" (Thanks @erickho123)

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
      • 34 replies
    • This release will:

      Fix an issue where breaks would stop firing

      Fix Combat#getWildernessLevel, use dynamic search for text and cache ID for later calls

      Fix an NPE in the Combat API

      Fix Mouse#leaveGame bug where the mouse wouldn't actually leave the game screen
      • 21 replies
    • This release will:

      Add LG support for Runelite

      Fix NPCChat issues

      Fix a bug where the camera angle setter would just hold down a key for 5 seconds (the timeout)

      Slightly adjust the rotation via keys to be more accurate

      Add the ability for asynchronous camera movement via keys

      Make Camera rotation via mouse more fluid, with more antiban, and work much better in resizable mode

      Add a "Camera#setCamera" method, allowing the rotation and angle to be set in parallel

      Increase the likelihood of using the mouse for camera movements

      Add support for adjusting the camera to positionable entities (Positionable#adjustCameraTo)

      Upcoming updates:

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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      • 59 replies
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