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[ABCL 10] ExNightMareZone - [SELLER/COMBAT REWORKED!] [Selling Games/Combat] [50-120k Combat XP/hr] [Absorption+DH] [Guthans AFK]

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Is there any chance that you could add prayer flicking?


I don't know a lot about coding but if you had the weapon i.d I wouldn't have thought it would be too hard as you would know the weapons attack speed and set it to click the prayer (piety would be awesome) on and off as you hit?


This could boost your xp per hour by a lot imo.


Just an idea anyway. Thanks for the great script :)

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Range support in terms of range pots + range prayers? Or..?


Literally just add eagle eye onto the special prayers!


If it's not too much work maybe add the ranging pots but I prefer overloads since I have loads stored up :)


Bought this the other day btw been working great so far :) Thank you!

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Probably one of the best scripts ive ever used...every now and then it has trouble with trading people, but I think thats because the people im trading with sometimes have problems with their bot, and it doesnt act like ive given them any money...aside from that really good. I get about 130k an hour, had to do a few things during the time i was running this which is why the exp/h is down, but still good. (I also got 99 str so i switched to attack after 24h) Don't even use piety either.


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