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Warfront1 For Scripter

Warfront For Script Writer   7 members have voted

  1. 1. Should Warfront1 Be a Script Writer

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Circle RSTile Path Generation:


Short Description:

My Circle RSTilePath Generation snippet takes in three arguments, an integer(Radius), and two 

Positionables(Your destination, and the center of the circle). After applying some complex

trig functions (arch tangent, and a number of laws regarding circles), it will generate a path from your

current location, to the destination Postionable in a circular manner. The code is a bit messy,

however the takeaway from this snippet is the application of complex mathematics and logic

to programming.


Link: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/20239-circle-rstile-path-generation/



Zybez API:


Short Description:

The Zybez API is a snippet I wrote roughly around 2 months ago, in order to pull every single

ounce of data provided by the JSON provided by Zybez. This has multiple methods that return

data possibly pertaining, but not limited to: Price(Average,Minimum, Maximum), current Sellers/Buyers,

Item images, etc. There are many applications in which such an API would be useful, in fact many

script writers have incorporated my snippet into their code. I purposely choose to parse the JSON

responses by hand using regular expressions, to avoid using externals. This in turn makes it

much easier for new and upcoming script developers to incorporate such a script into their projects.



Link: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17378-zybez-api-no-externals/




Short Description:

The RSArea snippet is something I released before RSArea was included withTribot.

In comparison it is much less complex, however the application and usage are extremely practical.

In fact, nearly every one of my script still incorporates at-least one aspect of the RSArea snippet. 

I personally continue to build on this class with every script, which only enhances and increases

it's effectiveness.



Link: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17032-rsarea/






I have not submitted any tutorial as of the date of this application. However, I prefer to help individuals on a case by case basis. Many users would be able to vouch for me in this department: Purple,  Zeenix, SockMonster, any multiple other users that have contacted me via skype. If any user is truly interested in programming I usually request that they hop on our public TeamSpeak, which I frequent, and converse from there. It is my personal opinion, that one on one training is a much more effective way of discovering the wonderful world of programming. 


Randoms/updates submitted:


None. Thank you to everyone behind the random team, truly a remarkable job. There hasn't been an instance

that I was able to submit a revision, before someone was able to fix it! If the need was ever to arise, I would

be more than willing to provide a random(s) update. 


Scripts available to the public:



Cosmic RuneCrafter:


Short Description:

Cosmic RuneCrafter, is the first script in the series of update I performed after working close with n3s3s and Purple k, both great

programmers. After nearly a month of training I incorporated all my knowledge into creating my first script I could remark as flawless.

This was a great project and all of us had fun staying up late at night conversing about design decisions. After this release, I went back

and re-coded all of my previous projects, which was an enormous task that took nearly 2 months. The cosmic Crafter is able to craft

cosmic runes by running back and forth in Zanaris, as well as using both the agility shortcuts 


Link to Thread: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17280-cosmic-runecrafter/

Source (Does Not Discloses certain proprietary functions):



Essence Miner:


Short Description:

Creating an All in One Runecrafting package requires alot of pure and regular Essence. This release is simply the essence miner I used to fuel all of my test accounts during the creation of my scripts. Supporting both regular and pure Essence, pickaxe upgrade, and pickaxe retrieval, it should be more than able to handle the needs of any Essence Miner. 


Link To Thread: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/20922-essence-miner/

Source: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=iFnspu1c


AIO Planker:


Short Description:

AIO Planker is one of my newest scripts that is a great money making method. It is able to withdraw the necessary amount of cash

from the bank, avoiding the risk of a large cash stack. Once Logs and cash are present in the inventory it will proceed to the Saw Mill

where it will create Planks from the logs. This process is repeated for a note worthy gain in gold!


Link To Thread: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/20204-aio-planker/

Source: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=DXBbE1ix


Short biography / Coding Experience: 


Ring Ring Ring, the dreaded alarm clock sounds off at 6 AM forcing Warfront1, Joe, to get up for another long day of classes. 

A college senior attending the prestigious Drexel University had been up the previous night before pouring over eclipse for hours on end. However, not alone as he was accompanied by other brilliant minds conversing on TeamSpeak till late hours of the night.

After finishing classes for the day, warfront1 then takes himself to the Gym where he prepares for his upcoming bodybuilding competition. 

While most are retiring for the night, Warfront can be found in one place, a place he knows the best, programming at the computer. 


Just another day in the life of a Programmer.


I have programmed for nearly 8 years, starting at a young age with Alice. After learning Alice I needed to learn more, I could see the power behind programming and perused Visual Basic. Years of runescape cheating and web site development before college got my feet wet with PHP, HTML, SQL, and some light Java. It wasn't until I had my formal training of C++ at Drexel University that I fully understood Object Oriented Programming. Fast forward three years, 2 large jobs; I had obtained significant knowledge in Python, PHP, Jython, and finally Java. My Resume Posted at the top of my thread, clearly outlines my in field experience.


 Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: 


Scripter holds such a powerful title on this community, but what is a scripter? A programmer who makes programs that interact with Tribot’s API at heart. Although the word has such a more profound effect, as it carries a sense of responsibility, respect, and credibility. Three words I believe to uphold to the highest, which can be clearly viewed through my dedication to Tribot. My clients look up to me as a scripter, other scripters ask me questions as if I am a fellow scripter. The only piece missing is the rank!


My extensive background puts me in front of other applicants (view my attached resume). My College experience being a senior that is due to graduate soon, I would consider myself to be an IT/Computer expert. I am confident in all fields of IT: programming, networking, help desk, server administration, security, etc.



If all else isn’t apparent to you, a quick glance at the amount of scripts I have created can assure anyone that I am fully fluent with the Tribot API. Not only do I have a large amount of scripts, but a large majority of the scripts are extremely intricate. Scripts attempted weren’t of minimum requirements, but rather what I needed to create or was challenged to create. I love being challenged, and solving issues programmatically hence my background in Computer Science!


What you plan to provide the community with:



The Runescape cheating community has given me so much over my youthful years. I intend to provide the same level of service I have always offered at Tribot…. Above Premium level support. My scripts are always created with a clear vision, and would not have been published if they don’t meet my personal standards. I have provided content for nearly 6 months and have yet to lapse in support in that time period. I am dependable, as any of my clients could attest to. I am extremely professional despite the situation! I do not let emotions get in the way of business, as after all I am here to offer a professional service. 


Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community?



Do you agree to follow the terms found here if you ever release a premium script?


Edited by warfront1

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Yes - but work on your conventions - coding is an art, good quality code is beautiful to read.

Edited by Druid

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Yes from me, he knows what he's doing. His conventions are fine, could use improvement but I'm sure everyone here could improve their code somehow. The most important thing is that he brings to the table quality scripts (which he does) that the community can benefit from.


I'm also very impressed with the actual application and including a real-life resume, shows dedication.

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His naming conventions is no where near "fine". He said he would update them 2 days ago, still waiting.

Edited by erickho123

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Yes from me.  You do need to work on you Java conventions.  I do know however that programming languages can vary in convention techniques so it can be difficult to adapt to each one specifically.  Some of your code is a little redundant, mainly when you get into the long lines of if else statements, you're checking some things that don't actually need to be checked again, or could be checked once and then processed through each of the different variations.  Other than that really you seem to know Java well, along with many other useful languages.  I would like to say  that I see a ton of potential from you and it's nice to see your dedication to both scripting and your real life work.  Very impressed, and I'm sure TRiBot would be honored to have you as a part of the scripter team!

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Update your application to ONLY include scripts where you are releasing the source, those are the only one's that will be evaluated. Thanks.

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