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3 bugs I've found:


1) It sometimes will fix my bronze pickaxe and re-equip it, but then will sit there with status still as "fixing pickaxe"


2) Sometimes will fix pickaxe, right click it in inventory, and sit there hovering over it.


3) With mouse key drop it will occasionally get stuck with the above right click problem on the last ore in inventory.


4) Sometimes will sit with full inventory for up to a minute or two before going to bank. This one has been getting worse and worse these past few days. Clicking in the direction of the bank seems to get it going again.

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Script is currently unusable if you are banking at V west. After a few trips it doesn't run back to bank unless you manually move it in the direction of the bank.

Sounds like a problem with webwalking that a lot of people have been posting around the forums about.

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