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New Rule Regarding Script Extensions

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Hello, Trilez and me decide to have a new rule. From now on, everbody who's releasing a script must use the .tribot extention.


Why? because the current way with releasing the class files could corrupt some other scripts.

how? simple. if a script writer is releasing he's script he is uploading the .class files, those class files will be added to the users he's script file when he's adding the script. This could cause damage to other people there script if you used the same class names.


Example: I'll add a script called peanuts.class. this class uses a subclass that's called walker.class. My other script that's called butter.class uses that same subclass but with different methods. this will cause the butter script stopped working because he's missing methods.


with the .tribot extention this will be fixed.

Tribot unpacks the package and this will be in the bot itself and add it's to the list. So you don't have that problem cause butter got he's own sub class and peanuts got he's own subclass.


We give the script writers 1 week to change the .class extendsion in there thread to update it to .tribot extension. If you don't do it whitin a week, the class will be removed and the thread will be temporary closed, till you updated it.



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