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Works very well, here is my feedback:-

- Haven't had any scams

- Never died, to anything

- However, i think it would better to logout when you run out of items instead of only stopping the script

Oops, yeah that makes sense I'll add that now.


Edit: Updated v1.3

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I got killed on a level 85 account looked at the log...


I also got killed by 3-4 people trading me all at once and running to the mages south on a level 3 luck for me I black listed all of them doing this... There needs to be more fail safes....  I will message you both bot/client debugs.


Changed so it will now only trade the player if he is at most 1 tile away from you.

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Whenever someone tries to scam and the bot clicks the "x" It starts messing up and running back and forth to its spot and somewhere else. I fixed this by reloading the whole tribot window because If I re ran the script it would keep doing that.

I haven't seen anyone post this so not sure if its just me.


This happened to me a couple times so far as well, not with the version 1.3 or 1.4 tho (edit: It just happened on version 1.4)


Here's a bug I found:

Someone tries to buy all your stock, he gets to the 2nd confirmation window, you press accept, he closes the window or the trade timeout and close (not sure which one it was), the bot thinks all your stock is sold and logs out.


Maybe have the bot compare the amount of stock in your inventory when the script starts and after he thinks everything is sold to make sure it's really out of stock.


Thanks for this amazing script, I will buy it for sure.

Edited by Surf

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does not work at all for me

You are going to get warned for this, and this is another useless post I've seen. You could of at least posted your settings on GUI, or the errors in client debug / bot debug. Or  if you couldn't even get it to run from the script selection menu, show your folder. you didn't even bother telling one little detail

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Noticed a bug that it would try to open the inventory while in trade when it's already opened, I think i've resolved that. Will upload a new version later.

Can you PLEASE add this bot to the repository???

I would renew my membership, but a lot of good bots have been removed.

Please update the repository please.

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When script login pops up, type in "beta"

that's what i did. will try restarting the client. Anyways, there's still a bug when it tries to get back to the starting position which makes it run around all over the place.


EDIT: works after i restarted the client

Edited by sw1tt

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Does this buy/sell more than 1item at a time, or is it just 3 seperate advertisements for the same item. If it does, lets say sell 2 items at a time what happens if someone puts up 10k and you're selling rings of forging 5k ea, and rings of recoil 2k each?


Also, If you are buying 2 items, e.g fire runes and water runes, and they put up both, does it buy both?

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      Slightly randomizes some hardcoded behaviour

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