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USA's Merchanter [Simple & Easy][15$]

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Welcome to USA's Merchanter!

- All the methods for grabbing the values from the trade
- All the methods for determing who you're trading with, if the other player has accepted, what items are offered, etc.
- Core logic for trading other players
- Blacklist system for denying repeat "unsuccessful" traders (potential lurers)
- Trade timeout feature
- Will not trade the same player for 'x' seconds (set in the GUI)
- Can buy any amount of items
- Currently set to sell a single item at a time
- Up to three messages to spam in game for selling, one for buying. Takes about ~.5 seconds to type out a full message with my custom method
- Impossible to scam, will check both windows for an exact match or at least beneficial in your favor before accepting
- Uses advanced regex to grab the actual item name and value from the trade, example "Coins x 150K (153,213)" ... Coins 153213.
- Trade history, keeps a log of the last five trades.
- Message delay timer setting in GUI
- Previous player trade timer setting in GUI
- Max trade length timer setting in GUI
- Blacklist system, prevents you from trading time-wasters, scammers, or other people trying to disrupt your bot
- Will only trade players that are <= 2 tiles away from you
- Returns back to your start tile if you are greater than 3 tiles away.
- You can buy as many items as you want, set the amount and it will remove it after it has bought the amount or greater than it and continue with the rest of your tasks of buying/selling!
- Task based system, so you can set it to buy/sell items and it will only stop when all tasks are done!




  • Name, enter your EXACT ITEM SPELLING in the name field.
  • Price, you are looking to sell/buy the item each for.
  • Quantity, the amount of the item you want to buy/sell.
  • Message, type a message you want your player to advertise to sell/buy the item (i.e. "white: selling water rune 10 each - usa")
  • After checking the information you've typed in, select Buy or Sell and click the Add button.
  • You can verify the information you've added by checking the tasks window on the right side.
  • Once you've added everything and it appears in the right side under "Tasks", fill out the Settings below and hit start script!



  • Max Player Trade Attempts is a setting for the blacklist, it will set the max amount of unsuccessful trades before that player is blocked from trading you again. (It resets the player's trade count to 0 every time you have a successful trade)
  • Time before trading previous player, is a timer you can set to prevent the script from trading an individual player again in a short amount of time.
  • Max trade length, is a timer you can set for the total length of the trade so if the trade goes past 120 seconds (the default setting), the script will close the trade and count is as an unsuccessful trade.


Note: Ensure your all your items you are selling/buying with the script are noted unless they are stack-able. 


Q: What if I want to buy and sell?
A: Great question, if so.. just enter the selling and buying information and then hit start script! It will loop between each task as needed.
Q: How does the blacklist work?
A: If a player trades you unsuccessfully 'x' amount of times you set in the GUI, that player will be blocked from all future trades.
Q: How come the buying/selling is not working?
A: You must hit "Add" after filling out the fields, whatever is in the "Tasks" column are the only tasks that your player will attempt.



12/23/2014 - V5.0

- Complete re-write, rewrote timers to be more efficient

- Removed varrock teleporting, no more combat randoms to worry about

- Small tweaks/updates around the script


8/27/2014 - V4.7

- Will stop and logout if out of varrock tablets and you have emergency teleport on combat checked in the GUI


8/24/2014 - V4.5

- Normal typing set as default (Autochat: Unchecked)

- Autochat will re-setup when it is found to be OFF or a random 5-10 minute timer expires, it will set it again automatically (usually interrupted by randoms)

- Normal typing advertisement messages in game will now erase any chat found in the chatbox before typing your message


8/12/2014 - V4.3

- Added failsafes to prevent the script from crashing in the event of a random

- Added option to show all of the item you're selling when the first trade window appears


8/9/2014 - V4.2

- ABCL10 added so it has some normal human movement in game (will also keep your player from logging out thanks to madmatt9797)

- Failsafe for checking for items added (if inventory disappears due to a random, will now wait 10 seconds so the random has a chance to override)


8/7/2014 - V4.0

- Script entirely re-written, uses the TRiBot Trading API (written by myself and TRiLeZ)

- New core, new paint, new logic

- Capable of buying/selling indefinitely


7/11/2014 - V3.1

- Updated to ABC standards


12/5/2013 - V3.0

- Removed the escape tile option

- Added varrock teleport option under combat

- Added version to GUI

11/7/2013 - V2.4
- Includes option now for replying with a gratuitous message after a successful trade. 
- Updates to luring checks, will trade player within <= 3 tiles from your location. Will walk back if you are > 2 tiles from your location.
- Minor changes to the GUI
10/31/2013 - V2.3
- Updated method to return to start position to prevent luring.
10/20/2013 - V2.0
- Updated the conditional sleeps on closing the trade
- Removed the Load/Save settings from the GUI for functionality oversight
- Will now print additional debug when/if you are out of "Sufficient Funds" (out of gold)
- Will trade all players, regardless of the distance they are away from the bot
- Will only trade another player if your player is within 3 tiles of your start position (anti-lure)
- Will type a random message after the completion of the trade ("Ty", "Thanks", etc.)
9/17/2013 - V1.5
- Additional fail safes added
- Logs out when the script stops
- Moved to Premium, authentication server added
- 10 minute trial kept to allow users to try it out before they buy
9/16/2013 - V1.3
- Amounts now works, it will remove the item if you have bought/sold an equal or greater amount desired. It will continue to finish until all items have been bought/sold as you have instructed the script to in the GUI. The advertisement messages will also be removed, so you are not spamming that you are buying/selling something that you are done with.
- After clicking Add Item, the values will reset in the GUI
- Paint will now display the trade timer in the lower left hand of the trade window so you can see how long the player has to accept the trade
- Other numerous changes, big update enjoy!
9/13/2013 - v1.0
- Updated Second Trade window methods, to ensure no scam is possible!
- Changed the paint around, added a few status display changes
- Will now no longer let you hit add item if an item with the same name was already added
- Some other changes to the logic to make it perform more efficiently
9/11/2013 - v.02 beta
- Click here to continue, for finishing all of those randoms
- Additional paint features/calculations
- Will move back to the start tile if more than 2 tiles away
- GUI changes, you can now just enter "Buy" information followed by "Add Item" without entering anything in the Sell section.
- Few other changes
9/10/2013 - v.01 beta
- Initial release!

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Clicks back back invy button in trade.

Someone put up cash and pulled it back and bot accepted giving away 500K worth of product.

Maybe 2nd screen failsafe? It just went to 2nd accept asap.

Also, Remove 10 min trial for beta till its for sale? Kind of annoying if noone trades you or cuts out in a trade.

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I can't seem to get the buy option to work. I fill in everything and pressed the Add Item button, but when I press start nothing happens?

You gotta just but crap in the sell pert as well


Got stuck on this screen here



Script has been working perfectly for me so far hasn't stuffed up one trade yet.

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