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[ABCL 10][Thieving][92 Hour Proggy]BrMasterThieverPro v4.00 [12 Different Options] [Stall Support]

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I challenge anyone to find a better script for thieving..It's flawless and will run forever.  


@edit by Bradsta.  You deserve to post these, not just me.  Thanks again for them going on main page!


Damn theres alot easier ways to upload a photo lol. But nice job. 

I'm sceptical about botting master farmers, its the only place I've been banned with using the script.


Also not sure if this is a script or client issue, but I check on my scripts to see how there going, and both are logged out with the script still running and the debug just saying "we have died attempting to return to location" but its just  stays logged out.

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I'll look into deathwalk soon. Just wanted to let you guys know I'm not going to be online probably for a little while. I've been sick all week and been in the hospital since Tuesday. They think I have menegitis so I'm just trying to get better right now.

Feel better man, just purchased this so will post some feedback soon. :)

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Geez these kids that don't know how to bot. Just moved 2 lvl 60 accs to master farmers and so many ppl in typical beginners character. Knew I shouldn't of moved there got ban -.-.


But come on, if your going to bot make it a bit more obvious your not a lvl 3 bot wearing the starting stuff. 

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Brad, There's a bug I've been getting quite frequently at Draynor MF. When I end up at the tiles (3083,3255) - (3086,3255) and the camera happens to be tilted so that south is the highest point on the compass, and the camera is tilted as close to the ground as possible, it will keep trying to click the MF through the wall of the house where there is a wardrobe on. It isn't able to, so it just sits there trying, and trying, until the MF finally moves elsewhere.


EDIT: I just got the same problem, and I noticed although it was clicking through the wall, it was still successfully able to pickpocket the Mother Fucker. I'm not sure if this is isolated, or if it has been succeeding every time, and my panic when I saw it clicking through a wall led me to irrationally conclude that it was failing, without really thinking about it.

I've gotten this problem 3 times today, so it shouldn't be long before I catch it with the wall blocking most of the camera, and I'll let you know then if it has been succeeding the whole time, or not.

Everybody watch out i've had 3 of my friends say they got banned overnight.

That's very unhelpful, seeing as this is an AIO Thieving script that covers monsters and locations at pretty much every corner of RS. What were they doing exactly?

Edited by ImmortalArmyOfOne

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