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[ABCL 10][Thieving][92 Hour Proggy]BrMasterThieverPro v4.00 [12 Different Options] [Stall Support]

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You need to put the ID of the sardine not the name sir.  To get the ID click debug at the top of your client and select inventory to see the IDs of all the items in your inventory.


So you'd fill it out as follows.

  • Choose the location from the drop menu.
  • Enter # of food per trip. Ex. 10
  • Enter ID of food. Ex. 379 (this is lobsters)
  • Enter the HP to eat if you fall below. Ex. 15

Then you can choose whether or not to save those settings for future use, or you can simply click start, and let the script begin to do its work!

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Hi there, i have used this script on another account and it has worked flawlessly from 50-85.


I am trying to use this on a new account and i have encountered a few problems.


Tea Stall :: - After around 10 minutes the 'stray dog' comes and interacts with you, this causes the bot to click randomly on the mini-map, thus it stops theiving. I'm not quite sure why as the dog doesn't move you or cancel any actions.


Suggestion :: Would you be able to add the silk stall? As this is probably the best way to get from 20-38, because there are no guards in ardougne to attack you behind there.

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Update v3.054

  • (-) Edited obstacle detection slightly so it should actually wait until the new object is valid after opening / dealing with the obstacle.
  • (-) Added multi-check for food in bank so it shouldn't shut down if the bank isn't fully loaded yet.
  • (-) Fixed issue with varrock tea stall returning to the position.

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I keep dying/not doing randoms, 

- We are attempting to solve the drunken dwarf random

- We failed to solve the drunken dwarf random. (1)

- Script Ended: BrMaster thieverPro®.


like that for every random i get, What is the problem :/?


Getting this same issue. It might be a client error though since in the new client update, Trilez says something about the dwarf random. However, this is still happening to me after the recent update. :(

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Client error.  He updated the random solver handler today, everyone is experiencing issues with randoms.


@Upcoming updates

  • Profit counter for all valuables looted.  All the current seeds + gems + chaos runes + gold.
  • Will add option for you to choose what NPC you wish to pickpocket, and create a seperate GUI for you to set your own pickpocket tile, and bank tile.
Edited by Bradsta

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@idc go into your .tribot folder in the ThieverSettings folder and delete them there :)


@Vaikiss I ported in all auths that were in the script loader that were valid.  You can redeem your auth via the user panel on the repository.  Aftewards find the script on the repository and click the add button.


Also got the profit counter finished up, will be for all locations, and if I missed any valuable loot I can easily add it, re-wrote profit tracking framework with HashMaps to store price information, and an additoinal hashmap to track the loot counts of each item.

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Really depends, hard to specify an actual ban rate.  Jagex seems to have cracked down fairly hard with any sort of botting.  Thieving is probably monitored a little more closely than others though due to you can make a very good profit via master farmers and such, they usually target gold farming on this aspect though.

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You need to run the client first if you haven't already.  If you have windows you can go to the start button, and search "%appdata%" without quotes and it'll bring up your folder where .tribot is located.

Thanks bro this worked! :D


But another issue, major issue, look at the picture below. Random events are causing my client to completely freeze and I cannot do anything. It's even hard to kill the process sometimes. It says I have died infinity times spamming the shit out of the client as you can see in the bottom til it messes up badly. Please fix it soon!



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Did the random solver not even activate?  That appears to be the real issue.


Update v3.055

  • (-) Profit counter now active for all locations, as well as loot count tracking in loot list.
  • (-) Updated out of food checking to assure bank is open when doing the check.
Edited by Bradsta

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Correct. As soon as I got the random event, my entire client froze.


I have been running it since then and I have gotten this same random and another one already with no errors. Only error was it saying I died one time, then it did the random so it isn't that big of a deal. Maybe I lagged right before I got the random or something...I don't know.

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