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[ABCL 10][Thieving][92 Hour Proggy]BrMasterThieverPro v4.00 [12 Different Options] [Stall Support]

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Well apparently it's the user that determines the bots success, which means you must have some mental capacities wJava. I don't see you contributing anything, and I sure don't appreciate you giving such negative feedback towards my script. Your grammar shows me you should be old enough to show some respect to other people, but apparently you're lacking in that department. Thanks for the feedback guys. Won't be able to update probably for a few days, I have a funeral to attend the day after tomorrow.

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Appreciate that progress report! Looks good! How much cash have you made today?

Also a heads up for everyone script will be getting a major overhaul in regards to my code format, and you should see improvement in the way the script runs in the next version. Writing my own set of utilities that I'll be using in all my scripts with a few custom methods for particular tasks. Also in next version food choice will not be limited to anything like it is now. You will be able to put in the ID of the food you'd like to use instead so you'll be able to mix it up a little bit for food choice. Also combat detection is going to be implemented, and my method I wrote should work(included in my utilities). Also going to attempt to make a smart path walker to implement into the script so multiple locations will be available, as well as more options for NPCs to pickpocket. The smart path walker would include an obstruction finder such as doors, ladders, stairs, and such that might come into the path when attempting to navigate the terrain. Anyways lots of ideas going through my head just thought I'd give you a run down of my plans. Hope everyone is enjoying the script for now!

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Thank you for sharing this script, it's really working well so far - only have a 30 min prog but can't see any reasons why it wouldn't run indefinately.

I'll post any bugs for you.

Edit: 100k an hhour at low theiving levels for those curious, ran for an hour and added up the seeds and got just over 100k in sellable seeds.

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Can't even get the script to start... when i click start on script nothing happens

Same for me :)

1 of the scripts in your folder is causing the problem, you need to remove the scripts and re add them 1 by 1 and see which 1 is causing the problem... it could also be that you have a duplicate of 1 of the scripts like for example: flaxpicker and flaxpicker (1) would cause it to not open

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That's odd :/. Works fine for me. Is the food visible when the bank is opened?

v1.03 04/04/2013 Released

*In the third line of the GUI text field, you are able to semi-choose when to eat food. It takes your hitpoints level and divides it by the whole # you enter. For example if you're 50 hp & you type 4 as the whole number the script will eat if your health falls below 12.5 hitpoints.

*Combat Detection will run from market guard [tested], and swarm [untested], also added in strange plant random [untested]

*If farmer is not on the screen, it will attempt to adjust the camera to continue thieving, or if he is x tiles away it will run near his approximate location.

*Complete overhaul for script methods. Everything should work more smoothly now, also wrote my own set of utilities which will be used soon to develop the script out for further NPCs.

*Failure counter will only work if you (Wear no weapon, wear a scimitar, or wear a granite maul) as animation IDs differ with what you wear.

*Script no longer tilts camera all the way down for thieving should improve mis-clicking.

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v1.031 - 04/04/2013

See update log for details. Fixed a few issues with script that I noticed while testing.

As for food issues those must be client sided for trout for sure I know. I'm using lobsters and everything works fine, also people say salmon works fine also.

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      Call onBreakEnd for ListenerManager Breaking Listeners (Thanks @Encoded)

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