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[ABCL 10][Thieving][92 Hour Proggy]BrMasterThieverPro v4.00 [12 Different Options] [Stall Support]

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-Last Update: 10/02/2014

-Version: v4.00


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Supports the Following
-Silk Stall
-Baker's stall
-Silver stall
*Preset NPCs
-Lvl 1: Lumbridge Men [suicide thieving]
-Lvl 10: Ardougne Farmer
-Lvl 25: Warrior Woman
-Lvl 38: Draynor Master Farmer
-Lvl 38: Marvin the Master Gardener
-Lvl 38: Ardougne Master Farmer
-Lvl 40: Ardougne Guards
-Lvl 55: Knight of Ardougne
-Lvl 55: Safe Cracking [Rogue's Den]
-Lvl 65: Yanille Watchman
-Lvl 70: Ardougne Paladin
-Lvl 80: Ardougne Hero
*Custom NPC Setup [No banking]
-Thieve any npc anywhere!
*Other great features!
-Full Setting Saving & Loading
-Full cake support
-Gloves of silence support [not-implemented]
-Dropping junk seeds


Questions / Concerns?



Setup Instructions


-- Fill out the GUI Correctly --

-Fill out the appropriate tab for main setup.

-Fill out Food tab.  Food ID in # only format, choose amount per trip

-Enter health to eat at + offset which will be +- of health to eat at


-Please start the script at the bank of the specified location or the pickpocket place of the specified location.
-If you're going to report a problem don't just post it doesn't work. I need details as to why it doesn't work debug tabs + screenshots. If you need help setting up simply PM me your teamviewer information and I'll be glad to assist you.




Progress Reports













Update Log

v4.00 - 10/02/2014 (-) Mid-rewrite.  I've scratched all of my old methods and have started over picking and choosing core things that were already effective and trashing the rest of my old code. - GoS/Glory support not yet added back.  - Safe cracking is not fully working. - Custom NPC selection not implemented. - Watchman not yet implemented - Ardougne Knight works, but PathFinding is buggy when it comes to certain rooms/doors. (-) Full ABCL Compliance (-) Profit Tracking works again (-) Ability to create a custom junk list added.  One list must be created for each save profile you make.  If you want the same junk list for multiple open up the .txt file and copy it in GUI when creating a new location saving. (-) Mouse speed selection removed.  Only will comply with ABCLmouse speed. (-) Stall thieving works, need to make some adjustments however so use with caution. (-) Both Master Farmer Locations are fully functioning since I know these are the most important that users always rely on.  Gate support, etc.  option to use Martin the Master Gardener rather than regular MF at Draynor. (-) Cake support for regular cakes.  Not chocolate ones. (-) I plan to have script return to premium status after all features are fully functional.v3.062 - 04/25/2014 (-) Coins is now properly not accounted for when doing master farmers.  This should lead to accurate precentages on seed thief rates. (-) Wrote my own persoal RandomGenerator class that will be used for already existing custom ABC implementations.  The values will be random for all users as a seed is generated by using the starting time of the script instance. (-) Sucesss rate for NPCs I have XP/Successful Thief coded will display your average success rate under profit. (-) Ardougne MF should now be able to bank if inside the gate, I forgot to check for obstacles according to our location when switching over from thieve to bank mode hence why it didn't work before. v3.061 - 04/04/2014 (-) Loot table has been changed slightly. I've added in % tracking for overall loots. I'd be real interested for you guys to track seed loot % over 10-12 hour period and post your loot table results. It will breakdown how much of a % each specific seed tracked yielded over your total overall loot. v3.060 - 03/16/2014 (-) Added changing particular settings at run-time to access this simply click the little settings icon below the loot chest on the paint! Currently you can change between preset npc locations, food id, amount per trip, and the total bank food you have! (-) Added forced target re-locator after completing a random. Hopefully this will help those spam clicking issues you've been telling me about. v3.059 - 03/07/2014 (-) Re-write BETA released. Everything should work smoothly as I did a ton of testing myself, will need you guys to confirm this, and report back! (-) Stall support added. I recommend only using bakers + silk, others respawn to slowly. (-) Cake support added will eat all three forms of the cake! (Full, 2/3, 1/3) (-) Watchman support added. This can be as good as Ardougne knights with no need to bank hardly ever, as you receive 1 piece of bread per successful pickpocket! Requirements are 18 agility & 65 thieving. Start in yanille. Set a default food to bring incase a bank trip is needed. (-) Antiban is added for all users. Randomized target selection after random period of time. Randomized stat checking, camera movements. (-) More efficient combat detection handler & stun detection. v3.058 - 02/25/2014 (-) Added total bank food area to GUI. You can use this to set the amount of food you have in the bank upon script start. If the value you set is > 0 it'll be assigned to a variable and your total food per trip will be deducted each bank cycle. Once the value reaches <= 0 the script will terminate. This is not saved when creating a settings file. v3.057 - 01/25/2014 (-) New sleek paint with show/hide button & pop-out loot table for your convenience. (-) [Beta] Real-time profit counter, will need you guys to test it to make sure everything works properly. v3.056 - (-) Fixed getting stuck with wardrobe issue in Draynor. If we are in the small area of that corner it will check your camera settings and adjust them accordingly on a randomized basis. (-) HP to eat at slightly updated. If your hitpoints level is greater than 20 and your hp to eat below is set to 8 or above. It will randomize the hp to eat at +- 2. I plan on doing more with this when GUI is re-done in the foreseeable future. v3.055 - (-) Profit counter now active for all locations, as well as loot count tracking in loot list. (-) Updated out of food checking to assure bank is open when doing the check. v3.054 - (-) Edited obstacle detection slightly so it should actually wait until the new object is valid after opening / dealing with the obstacle. (-) Added multi-check for food in bank so it shouldn't shut down if the bank isn't fully loaded yet. (-) Fixed issue with varrock tea stall returning to the position. v3.053 - (-) Edited combat detection. If the NPC is interacting with you and is in combat you will flee from combat. v3.052 - (-) Re-wrote some framework. Now uses names for all NPCs so no more ID updating! Will need you guys to test all locations, as I only tested Master Farmer. If I spelt the names right we'll be good to go! v3.051 - (-) New Clicking method, more accurate. (-) Npc Target Painting. (-) Profit/Hr for Master Farmer only currently. Includes valuable seed tracking with loot list. (-) Lite mode is no longer required. (-) New mouse pointer. (-) Banking updated to correspond with RS Update. Will make use of deposit inventory button. Also if Withdraw-(amountpertrip) is a present action it will use it instead of Withdraw-X. v3.050 - (-) Reverted back to old clicking method. Let me know if it fixes the problem. v3.049 - (-) Script updated to account for the finished TRiBot changes to the new Positionable system. (-) Clicking method re-written should be more accurate. (-) New NpcManagement class I wrote put into play in the script. (-) Your target's tile is now painted on the screen so you will be able to see what target you are trying to reach. v3.048 - (-) Script updated to account for TRiBot API changes. Pathfinding however is broken so it's unable to open doors, gates for the time being. v3.047 - (-) Safecracking eating fixed. (-) Deathwalk for all Ardougne NPCs. (Must have camelot teleport tablets in bank). (-) Obstacle detection improvements. (-) Various other updates which I cannot remember. v3.046 - (-) Obstacle detection improved. Will no longer try to open an already open door, verifies obstacle has a valid action 'Open' since we're using names now. (-) Believe I probably fixed not eating when safe cracking. (-) Some other minor fixes in stability. v3.045 - (-) Deathwalk, return walk for when you end up dead or lost more than 40 tiles away from your pick location. (-) Threaded Eating. (-) Improved Combat Detection. v3.044 - (-) Added in logout upon death, untested. (-) Fixed null result error, actually turned out to be with combat detection when I switched to NPC names. Combat detection will now flee if anything but your target NPC is interacting with you, and has a combat level. (-) Will now eat during stun instead of after. v3.043 - (-) Removed the NPC ID input and changed all the IDs to meet the current IDs of the game. Maybe this will fix the null issue since it could be resulting from the npc variable getting reset to zero. v3.042 - (-) Updated combat detection. Let me know how things go. v3.041 - (-) Updated obstacle detection. Uses names instead of IDs now. (-) Updated banking to find a valid booth by name, and assign an ID for the duration of the script. (-) Playing around with random solvers through the script loader please let me know if you encounter any issues when receiving the frog random. v3.040 - (-) Script setup process changed slightly. Nothing major, but to fix the IDs of NPCs for now. See page 100 for instructions. v3.039 - (-) Disabled client frog solver. Attempting to use my own. Needs testing, let me know of any issues. (-) Disabled client Combat Solver, and went back to my own due to null pointer errors. v3.038 - (-) Updated combat detection, should work better now. (-) Fixed eating issue. v3.037 - (-) Updated combat detection. Taking a slightly different approach to the method needs testing. v3.036 - (-) Script completely re-written from scratch. (-) Updated combat detection. (-) Updated door detection, and upstairs detection. (-) Removed Desert Bandits from locations. (-) Speed increases for banking, and pickpocketing. (-) Complete organization of features, GUI, and everything about the script (12 Main Classes Total) (-) IDs updated to correspond with today's update. v3.035 - (-) Believe I fixed banking bug temporarily.  I'm doing a re-write on the script yet again.  Time to clean up the code. (-) Added both versions of the name Evil Chicken, chicken that are possible.  I'm not sure if it's upper or lowercase.  Should be able to detect it now though. v3.034 - (-) Fixed some issues with combat detection on specific NPCs. (-) Adjusted coding slightly for Ardounge MF, someone reported an issue that it was opening doors, when it should not be. v3.033 - (-) All IDs updated for all locations. (-) New clicking method in some parts of the script, should be more accurate. v3.032 - (-) New Walking method, should be much more tactful, and on target than the old one.  Using it in my smither, and all is working well for it there. (-)Fixed Draynor Banking issues hopefully for good. (-) Fixed Ardougne MF bank issues. (-) Fixed staircase / ladder issues with Ardougne market area.  I had to switch to IDs instead of names though because some of the object names were returning null which was causing it to not return the actual closest object. v3.031 - (-) Fixed opening doors when doing ardougne master farmer. (-) Tweaked banking for ardougne master farmer should avoid getting stuck now. (-) Will now not saying turning off gloves of silence feature or glory if you chose not to use. v3.030 - (-) Fixed the attempting to return to ground level bug on ardougne area location choices.  (-) Tested Paladins through loader and they seemed to be working! (-) Updated combat detection for most NPC IDs. v3.029 - (-) Re-wrote walking method entirely.  Making good use of Game.getDestination(). (-) Fixed camera rotation in draynor will now randomly rotate while trying to get inside the bank to avoid getting stuck from map being at a certain angle. (-) Re-defined banking areas of draynor & ardougne.  (-) Door IDs for ardounge market updated.

Update Archive - Pastebin



Feedback will be appreciated. I will try to work out any issues you may experience. Happy botting!

Disclaimer for Authentication Keys
Instances are only good for 1 TRiBot account, with 3 allowed instances per purchase. Any attempt to chargeback will result in your auth keys being banned, as well as a ban on TRiBot. I keep a log of all trades, and forum usernames connected to those trades. This is subject to change at anytime to how I see fit.

Edited by Bradsta
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Yeah web walking would be phenomenal for an update to the client. I wish I had more Java experience to be able to contribute more. I've taught myself what I do know so I'm pretty happy with that. Haven't taken any college courses for it yet. Just do it as a hobby to pass the time.

Updated to v1.01 see update log for details.

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Thank you :). I've never scripted with the API this is drawn from so I'm having to learn. Hope you can get your thieving up quickly. It seems to work well until the randoms the bot doesn't solve kills it. Might add walking support from ice mountain, lumby castle, and wizards tower back to draynor to solve those issues.

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Updated script. To fix start script issue re-download the client. That seems to fix the problem for some. It's client-sided issue.

-04/01/2013 v1.02

*Forgot to change version # on GUI/Script not a biggie.

*Revamped clicking method on farmer & tested. Works good :)

*Revamped Banking slightly, works well.

*New GUI, you can now choose your amount of food per trip. % of health to eat at coming soon. For now it eats if you get below 1/2 health.

*To fix start script issue re-download the client. That seems to fix the problem.

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Still isnt working :(

re downloaded client and everything.

Posted Image

Did you redownload the script? Also I'm not sure if it affects this script, but most need to be ran in the lite mode, are you using it?

I will try on lite mode.

I've redownloaded the script and client now.

Okay so new problem now, keeps opening and closing the bank.

Selected trout as food and 15 as number of food.

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Still isnt working :(

re downloaded client and everything.

Posted Image

Did you redownload the script? Also I'm not sure if it affects this script, but most need to be ran in the lite mode, are you using it?

I will try on lite mode.

I've redownloaded the script and client now.

Okay so new problem now, keeps opening and closing the bank.

Selected trout as food and 15 as number of food.

Is the trout visible when you open the bank? Try putting it on the top row and see if that helps

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