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Me, my friends and their friends and their friends are having weird issue. Always when we load runescape login page, switch world or log out after some time and try to log in back we get 'error connecting to server' from RuneScape. After like 30 seconds we can log in back again.

Whats the problem?

Your auto login function should be fixed. It is trying to log in - yes, but only once. When it miss one letter or something in username/pass it won't load and script will stop. Same thing about our 'error connecting'.

Whats my suggestion?

Make it to try to log back in for a minute without stopping actual script or just loop whole function untill account logs back in.

Please developers answer so I'll know that you've read that.

Sorry for english, did my best


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how do you select an account to auto relog in after the 6 hr kick off?

When you have TRiBot open, click "View" at the top then click "Account Manager". Add your account details there.

When you start a script, on the "Start" screen/box there should be your list of usernames at the bottom in a dropbox, click the one you want.

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