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  • Removed methods that were giving - Unable to load script - errors.
  • Brand new antiban methods never seen before in other scripts!

Due to the increasing number of bans people are receiving while botting, I have completely rewritten the entire antiban for all of my scripts. The old one worked well, but it was limited to a few of the random actions that a human would perform while training. The script can now perform nearly ALL of the actions that a human would do, and it now does so at more appropriate times. The script is now capable of performing the following actions:

  • Intelligent mouse movements - With randomised path's instead of just moving the mouse to one place on the screen like most of the other scripts.
  • Turning the camera to face relevant objects or npc's - It can turn with both the keyboard and the centre mouse button. 
  • Right clicking random objects that are nearby, with a randomised chance of examining them, or scrolling through their options.
  • Right clicking random players that are nearby, with a randomised chance of examining them, or scrolling through their options.
  • Right clicking random npcs that are nearby, with a randomised chance of examining them, or scrolling through their options.
  • Important - Before the script would randomly select a game tab to change to, (e.g Inventory tab) and that was it. The script can now interact with and inspect ALL game tabs, doing things like scrolling down the music list, viewing which settings you are using, right clicking your equipment, joining clan chats! and much much more!
  • Intelligent xp checking in the skill tabs.

The frequency of all of these have also been randomised and tweaked with by me for a long time to ensure it all looks like a human. And it does!

I actually created a goblin killer a few days ago, with no antiban at all. I managed to get to 30 attack and strength before being banned. And then I created this antiban, and so far I have got 40 attack and strength without being banned!


I am sharing my antiban methods to raise the bar for other scripters, ban rates are obviously increasing and we need to fight back   :)

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just purchased the bot, and the client is working fine all other scripts are working except when I click start, all it says is downloading script? is everything alright with the compiling tri?


Hey man, I just tried it and it's working fine. Check your tribot firewall settings ( click view>firewall ), and make sure no photobucket sites are being blocked :)

Edited by Tri

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The sale of this script has temporarily been disabled because it has failed to meet the new anti-ban compliance standards set for all premium scripts. At TRiBot, we are committed to reducing the ban rate, and are taking the necessary steps to do so.

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  • Our picks

    • Over the past few months, I’ve been working diligently on a new project - TRiBot X. Everything has been written from the ground up, with all of the best practices of software engineering. Every aspect of TRiBot has been re-imagined to support three main goals: flexibility, useability, and reliability.
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    • Come give us feedback on the next version of TRiBot!
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    • TRiBot is looking to improve a lot of its customer relationship management, customer on boarding process, customer experience, design elements, community engagement and pretty much everything else you can imagine when it comes to marketing.

      Our goal: To ensure that the marketing done TRULY reflects the experience and does not shine an inaccurate light on what TRiBot is lacking in.

      So I ask, what do you love about TRiBot and what do you hate about TRiBot? What does O S Bot, Rune M8, PowR Bot and Dre amBot do better? (yes I purposely didn't spell it right 😂).


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    • Over the last three weeks, I've been working on upgrading our server infrastructure. It's finally ready and is now live!


      Increased reliability - less server errors

      Increased availability - less downtime

      Increased security - keeping us and you secure

      Increased capacity - ability to serve you better

      Increased speed - less waiting for things to load

      Faster development - server and service updates will come faster

      What are the changes?

      Move from a single AWS EC2 instance to AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service)

      Distributed computing

      Load balancing

      Git management of server files and filesystem

      Redis caching


      AWS ECS (with 10 EC2 instances)

      AWS ElastiCache (Redis)

      AWS Load Balancing

      AWS EFS (Elastic file system)

      Please bare with us as I continue to tune the server for maximum performance. Slow loading speeds may occur temporarily. I thank everyone for their patience.

      Please post on this thread if you experience any issues other than slow loading times.
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    • This release will:

      Fix prayers and world hopper API (Thanks @JoeDezzy1 and @erickho123)

      Improve banking API (Thanks @Encoded)

      Adds methods for returning and using Java Lists, rather than arrays

      Slightly randomizes some hardcoded behaviour

      Removes sleeps from waitConditions; the efficiency saving potential is negligible in these use-cases, therefore cleaner code is preferable

      Other back-end improvements

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot.
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