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[Lite] Encoded Fisher

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PERM Banned on all my 3 accounts. I botted smart too. Its a good script worked great. Had 80+hr proggies fishing lobsters in catherby but fuk fagex im done




Banned again with another account on proxy used breaks baby sat the bot. only got to 68 fishing lobs in catherby only bot used on account. Account was very old 8+years





lmao. botting "smart" at 80hrs proggies. yea... i don't have anything more to say

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Dude? You stopped replying to this topic or what....? I have your premium script does it hop worlds if it goes to a bot world??

This is the old free lite version thread, the premium thread is here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/20894-800-encoded-fisher-abcl-10-100-hr-proggies-13-locations-barbarian-fishing/

And yes it does hop worlds.


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