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TRiBot Beta 7.00_0

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this is the most fun i've had in RS since 2007 was the actual year! XD my bot just said it wanted to be inside someone <3


although, a certain dialogue seems to go like this


bot1 *walks away quickly*

bot2 *lays back*

bot1 *kissing*

2 *kissing back*

1 *french kisses*

2 *french kisses back*

1 *french kisses back harder*

<and this loops for about 2 minutes with words such as hardest, back hardest, hardest back etc XD>


its hilarious XD



Sounds like clever bot to me haha, wonder if USA is sending/receiving what to say from http://www.cleverbot.com/ or if he actually put in that much time himself, either way pretty cool.

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Fix this. "My name is cleverbot"


Only issue with this! I'm loving this update. :)


PS my print screen doesn't work on my laptop before you ask



Edit: None of my 24 clients froze last night. Did you fix something :D ?

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Anyone know how to fix "The import org.tribot cannot be resolved" in Eclipse? I've tried getting rid of the jar then putting it back then restarting eclipse, nothing has helped :(


Edit: lol never mind I got it fixed, was adding the tribot jar as a jar and not a external jar to the java build path

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Can't believe web-walking is actually here now. Great update, I was working on my own chat system using a different chatbot API but it looks like USA beat me to it. However, I went away from cleverbot due to the fact that it does reply with "Cleverbot" when asked for the name. Maybe add a filter for that?

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TRiBot Beta 7.00_0 has been released. This release includes two big additions:

  • Web Walker
  • Auto Responder
The web walker uses Dijkstra's formula to travel across the pre-defined nodes of the game landscape. The web walker has been designed to be capable of handling any obstacle and travel to any location. You name it, door, ladders, stairs, gates, and even boats! Nothing will stand in the way of TRiBot's web walker.


Here is a video of it in action:


Currently it is able to travel to almost any location. The locations it cannot yet fully travel to are: Morytania, most of Karajama, the Khardian desert, and the lone islands. However, those areas will be mapped out very soon.

The API is here: https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api2007/WebWalking.html


The Auto Responder - coded by USA - is able to have a conversation with any player talking to it. But don't worry about the auto responder responding too often as it is smart enough to accurately detect when players are talking to the bot. Users can disable the auto responder through the script menu.

A minor update is that TRiBot's 07 Message Listener was re-written.


Thanks for this pretty nice update!


Two things I would like you to fix:

1. TRiBot can't log me in automatically (Yes, I wrote all of my account details in the account manager).

2. Please try to improve how TRiBot fix randoms like The Maze Random and The Mordaut Random. Sometimes it failes at these two.


But apart from this everything works fine for me, keep up doing such great updates and work, and I would be VERY happy if you would try to fix these two things. ;)

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