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ABCL10 - Tri Caged Ogre Fighter - Train Range Safely And Make Money!

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Permanently Banned got my ip address permanently banned all my accounts (7) for Macroing Major, even the ones I haven't botted on..

only botted for two days total of like 10 hours

Not this scripts fault at all. If you know for sure your IP banned then you must have been banned many times before. 

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Very nice script, man! Getting 52k EXP/hour which is pretty decent for standard Range training 

Although, I'm confused as to why does your script support looting slayer rare drops when ogres don't even drop these? 

Not a bad thing at all, just a bit misleading - I actually bought 500 law runes thinking I was gonna get plenty of loots overnight... Guess I won't have to worry about not having teleport runes anytime soon  :P

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dfc5ddf8ea.jpg Just ran this overnight. Worked flawlessly and it more than paid for my supplies which is all i cared about. Only 35k xp/hour because i was 65-70 range for this progy and not using pots.

Would really like to see an easier way to go about setting the loot as previously suggested. Its annoying to hand pick the loot every time you start it. Also in those 12 hours I got 2 snapdragons and 10 ranars but 0 Torstols? Not sure if this is a bug in the script or just me getting unlucky. I will continue to bot and let you know if I keep receiving no Torstols. 

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