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yaw hide

Yaw hide's BlkDK [updated]

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I'm not sure, it just wasn't eating them when hp was low; got rol'd a few times. The lobster ID is 379.

ok just this doesn't seem to make sense. SO can you babysit and see if my bot is getting stuck somewhere? Are you getting rol'ed even though you have food in your inv?

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I've been babysitting and it isn't getting stuck, I've rol'd even with food in my inventory and it just drops the food when there's more loot on the ground but doesn't eat when my hp is low. I haven't tested with sharks or monkfish yet but it definitely isn't eating lobsters no matter what hp i'm at.

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I've been babysitting and it isn't getting stuck, I've rol'd even with food in my inventory and it just drops the food when there's more loot on the ground but doesn't eat when my hp is low. I haven't tested with sharks or monkfish yet but it definitely isn't eating lobsters no matter what hp i'm at.

so its staying low hp and eventually dropping the food to make room for loot? 


it could also be that randoms are killing it (cuz sometimes the randoms just run away from where you are which will runinto dragons....)

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First of all, excellent script. 


Not that its at all an actual issue, but I just thought I'd let you know that your Dhide counter and Clue counter in the Paint don't work properly. It always says I have about half the amount of hides as bones and the clue counter simply didn't count the clue it just picked up lol. Again, not a big deal at all but just lettin' ya know!


Thanks =)

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