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Whats your weight?

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How much do you guys Weigh in real life?

I weigh 110 and i'm 15 years old also I'm 6.1

I have to say i am pretty fit at this moment :)

110 and 6'1" is pretty skinny. Having abs that show doesn't mean you have strong abs, rather that you've just got a low body fat. You may want to check into putting on some mass :)

I'm 5'11" and about 190 lbs


I don't really eat a lot i only eat dinner and that is it.

I also have my own little gym in my garage that i go to for an hour a day.

And i eat Protein Bars for a snack for me to eat before i go and work out.



please stop doing what you're doing lol

worst thing i've ever read

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6'0 190-195 lbs. Damn scales always say something different but nothing over 195.


19 in 2 weeks.


I've got a fair share of body fat, I'm guessing around 18-20%. 


I lift occasionally, nothing too major.


230 lbs bench, 225 power cleans, 350 squats. That's what I ended at this semester after football season.

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190 5'10 at around 8% bodyfat

im a npc competitor. I've done many shows ive been competing since 2010.

id say my name but im afraid runescape views these forums and kinda... bans me.

but if any of you have questions about lifting and such im here to help

believe me or not, makes 0 difference

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When I was:

14 years old, 130 lb 5'7

15 years old, 150 lb 5'8

16 years old, 157 lb 5'8

17 years old, 169 lb 5'8

19 years old, 194 lb 5'8(I stopped working out for 2 years now i'm kind of out of shape, wish I never stopped hitting the gym lol  ) 
Those numbers are very close but not exactly what I was at.

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Currently 5'7 74kg (Lol, lost 14kg over the last 8months or so as I couldnt train, as I've been in hospital) 

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6'5, because it's the first of the month I actually just weighed today, 205 lbs.

Or the actual measurements, 1,97 meter & 93,5kg

I am now 219 lbs :cool: ~15% BF

Looking to hit 230 this year.

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