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[Combat/Money Making][RDK] Red Dragon Massacre! [100k-250k/hr GP] [Mage/Range] [LOW Requirements]

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According to the bone/hide count, this script is nowhere near 250K/hr. Please explain, I'm genuinely interested in purchasing.


Of course not. In fact, I actually captioned each picture and said what the profit was on them. If you're implying that I was misleading or lying, please reread my thread.


The script is probably 80k-250k/hr. Like all combat scripts, it's heavily dependent on combat levels.


Mage gets you about 100k if you have 50+ using fire strike. High mage levels and other spells are untested.


Range gets you from 100k-250k and depends on your level, bow, arrow/bolts, etc. With high range (like in the 90s), using a bow and broad arrows, you can get over 200k/hr.

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Alright, I see, I was just wondering why the GP rates fluctuated so much. Since this is a one-auth $15 script, I suppose it's unviable for gold farming but I may consider using this on my main when deathwalk/re-gearing is implemented. How much XP/hr do you reckon I'd get with 70 range and iron knives?

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Alright, I see, I was just wondering why the GP rates fluctuated so much. Since this is a one-auth $15 script, I suppose it's unviable for gold farming but I may consider using this on my main when deathwalk/re-gearing is implemented. How much XP/hr do you reckon I'd get with 70 range and iron knives?


This is not a main training method. These are extremely high leveled dragons with very high defense levels.


Iron knives would be ineffective. 


You want rune crossbow and mith+ bolts OR a mage bow and adamant+ arrows. 


Also, while it isn't mass goldfarming friendly, the price is not the problem. Here's the math.


1 account = 100k/hr (low) = 1m-2m per day = $14-$28 per week.



Safespotting and anti-PK ensure maximum runtimes without death. The factors in possible deaths are very random (random events, Pkers, disconnects, etc), meaning that death isn't constant, it's random. Deathwalk, however, will be added soon when more people have this script.

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Id like a script like this but I cant really justify it if it takes a week running 12+ hours a day just to break even, + runes/ammo cost(assuming i never get pk'd)


using fire bolt/blast/wave would make this a gp loss so fire strike is the only real magic option

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Id like a script like this but I cant really justify it if it takes a week running 12+ hours a day just to break even, + runes/ammo cost(assuming i never get pk'd)


using fire bolt/blast/wave would make this a gp loss so fire strike is the only real magic option

This is a lifetime auth code. I assume you would only buy this if you would actually use it a decent amount. If you don't think you can do a couple week's worth of botting with this script, don't buy it.
Think about it. It takes 1-2 days to make an account that can run RDK. So you make an account, buy this script, run it for 2 weeks, and you've made at least $40 profit.

Script looks good, but perhaps you should give out trial versions? RDK seems unorthodox for moneymaking in my opinion.


Red Dragons are in the deep wilderness. This method is kind of delicate. Giving trials hurts the method. That's why I said I will only be selling a certain number of auth codes.

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Wearing Mystic or another type of decent magic armor.. and using fire strike, how much gp/hr is this once you subtract supplies?


Also, is it just me or is the market a bit oversaturated? http://forums.zybez.net/runescape-2007-prices/945-red-dragonhide


It should be at least 100k/hr with that (I'm pretty sure)


The market can be odd. Today, as you can see, there are a couple thousand sell offers and almost no buy offers. 4 Days ago there were 30,000 buy offers and about 2000 sell offers. 


If that was how red dhides always are, the price wouldn't be 4-5k each lol (supply vs demand)

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is it updated? i think it has problems with the levers or is it just me?


The lever inside the mage bank is tricky. I need a better method to click it. Please allow a few seconds for it to click it for now. However, I assure you that it does work unless an RS update messed with it.



Looking to expand, how many auths are you planning to sell? If I bought 20 - 40 auths, would I get a price break?


Yes, but you will have to contact e by Skype. My skype: wastedbro

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