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Tri Experiment Fighter V2 - Perfect for training pures - 100k+ xp/hour - Blowpipe support - NO VIP NEEDED - Low requirements -

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Yeah, i also woke up with it stuck right beside the grave it banked it was heading back in

will fix today


Hey It won't pick up iron knives....

will fix today


hey can jagex watch ur ip and banned every account u boton??

That has nothing to do with my script so please ask that question elsewhere :)

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Hey dude thanks for the script its working great but only one slight  problem is that when i was babysitting the bot a genie popped up while i was attacking an experiemt, the bot did click the genie and get the lamp although the genie didn't disappear which then it kept clicking the genie and the experiment kept attacking so you couldn't finish the diaglogue so i manually attacked the experiment then the genie disappeared. Just a little problem but it is flawless thanks!

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