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Well, I came here from SRL. I knew Trilez was making a bot and I currently actively use RSBuddy and want to start scripting/developing and I don't really feel like doing it for RSBuddy, tbh. I can't/don't want to start developing for SIMBA/SRL (not that I don't like it) because I am on a MAC and it's not compatible.

So since Trilez is a homebread from SRL and starting a new bot, I figured this shall be my new development 'home' / community (SRL is still my 'home home').

I currently am really active in killing black dragons over at RSBuddy and I want to switch that over to Tribot (ReColo or w/e he decides to call it). So I plan to make a black dragon killer here soon, I don't know it everything is already setup (bot wise) to make this capable but if not hopefully I can code some of the things needed and get them implemented into the bot, we shall see.

Any questions just ask :D

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