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Disallow external loaders

Disallow external loaders?  

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Some scripters use Salvation's loader, or Devloader, but I think they should be disallowed.

>>I'm not trying to bash the owners of loaders here, so far so good, but it has potential to be bad.<<


  • The only person who has control over the scripts being distributed are the owners of the loaders.
  • They could modify scripts to do malicious things and blame it on the scripter if they wanted to.
  • The loaders could be accessing malicious files and installing them.
  • TRiBot staff aren't able to verify whether or not the scripts are malicious. (They could ask the owner of the loader, or the scripter, but the owner of the loader could send a clean version, and the scripter doesn't necessarily have the same version that's being distributed if it had a virus)
  • You can't have two loaders. I personally have Salvation's loader for a fishing script, and I can't use devloader at the same time.

TRiBot would have to push the SDN or something else.

I know this would create a lot of leaching, but I can't think of a solution besides SDN.

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      Other back-end improvements

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot.
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