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TRiBot TeamSpeak Server

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Is there anyone who is able to assist with Download on a MAC? 

Error - "The java bin directory couldn't be found. Using the "java" command to boot TRibot."

It says "You need Java 7.0_25 or higher to run Tribot. (1.6.0_65)" But I've already got that version! :x

Edit - This is when trying to log in - not during download..

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The Moderator who hosts it, only puts it up when he decided to now since it's always dead I guess.

His isp has been dodging his calls for a couple months now as far as I know so none of his servers have been up.

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Hello everyone!


Since we don't have currently a working TeamSpeak I decided to be nice and create 1 for us. I asked from 3 Moderators permission for this including "TheBat". If you want to chill feel free to join! Oh and contact me if you want "Scripter" rank or "Moderator" (you need to prove that you have the same rank on forums) and I'll give the rank!


IP: ts3tribot.zapto.org


See you there!

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