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The TRiBot databases were compromised because of an attack on an admin account. The security hole has been patched up. We advise you to change your passwords. Please feel free to continue botting. We are very sorry for any inconviences. VIP members will be compensated with extra time added to their accounts for the loss.


Users' RS accounts are still safe. However, if you use the same RS password as on TRiBot, you may want to change it as a precautionary measure.


~Tribot Staff

i was hacked :( i lost 2 whips full dh rune boots and 3m cash.

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Also been checking out OSbot since this happen. It's kinda frustrating that for example randoms aren't getting fixed, nor do trillez respond to this and say like "They will be fixed in 2-3 days(example)".. 


Would love some answers, I bet most people here prefer hearing that for example maze random won't be solved for another month, than not even being sure that you guys actually are trying.

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