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ABCL10 - Tri Hill Giant Fighter [68 HOUR+ PROGGY][45k+ XP/HR]

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@Tri can you add "activate running energy" lets say 20% so it makes it get faster exp, since if u go to bank and back or just killing giants, ur energy gets drained and you never use run anymore. Can you implement something where you can set what % of run energy you can activate it on? Or At least put that it auto turns on run energy at 20-40% Thanks, other than that, it's awesome :D


Hey the bot actually uses a thing called "control running"

Which means that it will press down the control key on your keyboard to activate running.

If you actually check your run energy you will notice that it is going down, but without actually clicking the run button :)


Bones slow you up on exp wise, att/str/def/range/ etc, if you just want fast exp etc, just loot everything but bones. I let it pick up bones etc, till i got 55 prayer, haha y not free prayer, then i stopped, not picking up bones since i need more exp per hr :)


Yeah :P




Can i kill hill giants or not yet ? i am using full rune


Yeah that would be perfect :)


it is telling me i am unable to load script, whats up with that?


I think its working now, the whole website was having problems I think.


Same here I think the script is down atm. 1 of the best scripts i ve used so far it have some small rare bugs tho like getting stuck to deposit box at varrok banking happened to me 2 times over 7 days


read aboove, and whats the deposit box bug?

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The script doesn't eat food for some reason. I've set it to salmon and to eat at 60% hp and I almost died because the script didn't eat and I was at about 7 hp left


Make sure you start the script when you are logged in.



  • The bot will now turn on your run energy when it gets above ~50 ( random number )

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Loving the script :) Only having one problem, and that is ranging without Ava's.

This is what happens: it starts with looting the one knife used, then hit Hill Giant, followed by equipping the knives looted in inventorie, and then start looting the one knife and so it continues until the first knife disappears (as a loss). When it get lost, then it wont loot the next amount of knives used until the hill giant is dead. Hope I managed to clarify exactly what I meant. One solution could be to make it loot knives after each kill, and maybe have a timer on when to equip the knives or something? Otherwise, it works perfect. 

Edited by bjarne

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Having small issue when break handler start,if it happend start break when engage in middle combat it spins camera around around around now alot time i dont use break handler cuz forget too or my now ex fiancee be geting on after my time she close bot so couldnt run much beyond 6-8hr anyways.Now kinda werid,yea it done few time love it have few proggies i run it for 8-10hr at time.....gotten 40 attack-40str 40 def to 76 70 68 atm with ur script.So im more glad with how it runs,gotten shit ton of limps and key teeth probably get 4-5 key teeth every 8hrs last 2-3days.Idk if luck or just never notice.works though need try get glory stash for abyss running without script....dont feel pay money for rc script till im higher lvl make it more profitable while running.


ANyways yea...camera spins if engage in combat when break start.idk if script or client issue



@ both people made suggestions.Dont get greedy no reason for him add to function to script beyond what it does already.I rather him maintain quality it,make sure it functional. Adding potions  is being greedy there are other script support camping function use bot could be done here.adding more knife function is similar,why he add alot feature to script meant be free script.which usually meant to show users hey look i can make good script for us test out as free so we buy prem script

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have real trouble loading my proggy




hope this link works the script runs flawless i have 1 idea though :P


for bones could you possibly do so when it loots a bone it bury it straight away so like pickup one bury one.. as i put the loot and bury bones on my acc and it kept dropping my food to get space for the bones :s


but as i said flawless script :D:D:D:D well happy





edit: oh yeah btw i just got 70 strength that's why the xp per hour is little low

Edited by Jamjarhead

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is a great script but now stopped working :( just says failed to save settings and stands at bank and doesnt move :(


edit: manage to get it working but after first run when it went to bank it banked all items then withdrew key, spec wep and food in noted form lol would have died if i wasnt babysitting. rerun it now so will keep you all posted

Edited by Jamjarhead

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    • Over the past few months, I’ve been working diligently on a new project - TRiBot X. Everything has been written from the ground up, with all of the best practices of software engineering. Every aspect of TRiBot has been re-imagined to support three main goals: flexibility, useability, and reliability.
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      Improve banking API (Thanks @Encoded)

      Adds methods for returning and using Java Lists, rather than arrays

      Slightly randomizes some hardcoded behaviour

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