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Rules of the Black Market

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Rules of the black market



No Spamming
- Do not double post
- Do not bump a thread more than once within 12 hours.
- Do not reply on any sort of dispute if you are not related to it.
- No [trusted], [#1], [legit] Tags or titles - other Tags & titles unrelated to those are allowed.
- No trashing
No Scamming
- Do not mislead an user in any way.
- Do not chargeback when you received what you paid for.
- Do not use terms of service that override the default terms of service!
No advertising
- Do not advertise your own service on the thread of the competition
- Do not post external website links.
- Everyone using the black market must use the default terms of service but may add anything extra as long as it does not override the defaults.
Additional Section rules
Disputes & Point disputes

1) You are the Person Who Created The Thread
2) You are the person the claim is against
3) You are TriBot Staff (which includes support staff)
(If you were also scammed by the same person as someone else, please make your own dispute thread)

Besides these ALL of the regular rules are active. You can find them here; https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/13743-tribot-rules-and-regulations/
Breaking any of the above rules or the global rules will result in receiving warning points.
The black markets default Terms of Service
1. The seller does not issue a refund if he got what he paid for.
2. The seller is not responsible for any bans/mutes that may happen to your account.
3. The buyer is responsible for who they are trading with - if it's an imposer it's their fault, 
unless the imposers name is in the topic, in which case the seller is responsible.
4. The seller has the right to refuse doing business with anyone.
5. If the order was not completed in any form - the buyer has the right to a refund.
6. The staff may change the terms of service at any time if necessary without further notice.
7. The seller may have his own terms of service but may not override any of the terms stated here.

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