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Hank Hill

Working out with RSI/arthritis

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Alright people are going to laugh probably.


I'm 17, and I'm really skinny so I want to gain some muscle... Only problem is,


I am suspected to have inflammatory arthritis and its in my wrists, but the pain and stiffness seems to come from my neck. I haven't really talked to my rheumatologist about working out.


For years I thought it was carpal tunnel so I avoided working out and exercise altogether.. but testing shows it is not. Not sure about tendonitis and all that. I have difficulty lifting heavy things, not because I'm weak but because of the pain in my wrists. I know a botting community isn't the best place to ask, but I can't be bothered registering on a body building forum just to ask this..


Does anyone know if body building is bad with either of these?


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