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Random Event Solvers [Need Accounts / Information]

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Maze random was mistaken for Molly: 


  • [12:56:45] We are attempting to solve the Molly random.
  • [12:56:45] Molly: We don't know molly's ID. Terminating.
  • [12:56:45] We failed to solve the Molly random. (1) 

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From that lesser demon school random event!

  • [] Mordaut: We failed to solve the "Related" exam. (7) + (I feel like a fish out of water!) Please post this error on the forums. 
Edited by Liskox

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Alot of scripts seems to suffer from this random problem.


The bot will successfully solve the random, but after it has solved the random, it still thinks that the random is there, and will continue to try and solve it. The mouse will start spam clicking the spot where the random was, trying to right click it so it can talk to it. It continues this for about 1-2 minutes before script shuts down and goes idle, hence logging out for inactivity. 

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I'd post video but it says my name.


Genie random; 


Genie appears, it runs from combat to talk to him. Genie doesnt move until I arrive at destination away from combat. Genie appears next to me, click back to monsters thinking it solved because genie isnt around.


This ended up with me getting in the wiz tower for an hour.


This could be avoided by adding a small sleep once it gets to the non combat location.

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