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OSRS Client Updated to Version 2.3 (7/15/13)

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=======Client Updated to Version 2======

Hello guys and welcome to my OSRS Client. I saw that another member had posted theirs so i decided to post mine. I made this back when 07 first came out and have been updating it ever since whenever i feel there is something i need to add or a friend asks for an addon.
Huge thanks to Aplous for helping with making the client better

Features include-



-A tab for you to choose whatever website you want (Just type in the url in the box below the your choice button)

-Auto Clicker and Typer

-World Map Tab

-Zybez Price Guide Tab

-Zybez Price Guide Tool

-Bank Pin Generator(For them times u dont wanna think of 4 numbers)

-and much more :D


Here are some pictures of the Rs Client.


Client Overview



Startup Menu



Tools Tab



World Map Preview



Hiscores Lookup



Zybez Price Guide Tool



Auto Typer Tool



Auto Clicker Tool



Calculator Tool



ScreenShot Tool





You can get my client here :

Version 1:



Version 2:



Version 2.2:



Version 2.3:



Version 2.2 Change log

In Version 2.2 i made more errors appear for if you are doing something incorrectly say you go to the auto typer and don't type a number instead of getting an syntax error you will now be given a friendly reminder.

The overall look and paint has been changed.


Added a start up menu to let you select the world at start


Bank Pin Generator Added



Version 2.3 Change Log

Facebook and Twitter Mobile Apps added

Zybez Price Guide Tool Added







Virustotal scan here:




Thanks for Downloading if you did. Leave feedback i am willing to add things that are recommended or asked by people so just leave suggestions below.




To install open the WinRar file extract the folder you see to your desktop. Double Click on setup. Once you do this there are a few options and then it will install. If you wish to uninstall the client go to your control panel and then to your programs and look for RS07 and uninstall that which is the client.


If a moderator or admin could vouch for this that would be great :D

Edited by visualbasic

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Looks interesting, but it'd have to be open sourced for me to download it.

Still, looks like you're on to something there!

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Looks pretty cool, it just looks really unsafe to be honest.
Otherwise great idea! Would love to test it out once its verified safe!

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Yeah uhm hmm not sure if i can just put the source out there somehow considering it was made in VB its mostly all visuals with coding in it. But feel free to use it if you want. But i'd be willing to go through each part of it on the Microsoft Visual Basic program to a mod or admin and show them each part of it. If you can contact one of them so i can show them :P





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I dislike this completely, everything you did here was all webbrowser and all that will do is lagg. The huge suggestion is to learn webrequest to grab highscores. Clean up the UI a little more. I will make one of these in a little bit. 

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Mhm k thats fine i mean i have plenty of friends that use this jsut fine. But you don't have to have everything open some of the stuff will only open when chosen to do so. You have your opinion though mate

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