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hope its on the 22nd, thats my b-day haha

yes no one cares just saying, btw it'll probably take until March

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btw it'll probably take until March

With 11 possible dates of release, 8 of them are during February.

sooooooo I don't think it will.

Happy birthday though :)


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3 Days before my 18th, :D

I will spread it like butter,

That I can promise,

but more will just leech I'll be honest.

Even though I myself may leech a tad,

for your programming skills are quiet rad,

I appreciate the effort and most of all the time.

That you put into this bot, for it is over !9000(0000000)

times more impressive than this short impulse of a rhyme.


As soon as you release I'll learn how to code,

it shouldn't take long as I was gifted with common sense, google

and a Iphone with java tutorials.

(Plus I can read)

Which helps.

But anyway, thank you from the deep south of Australia.

Where your bot will help me workout instead of play r-s and also finally acknowledge my girlfriend as well as learn code and Tri-scriptin'.

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