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Meal Ideas for Bodybuilding

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Welcome to my Bodybuilding Food Thread


In this thread i shall be posting mine ( and others ) bodybuilding meals that i have made, eat and would reccomend to anybody bodybuilding or concerned with their fitness. I'm not Googling and finding meals and simply copying and pasting them here, as any idiot could do that, i'm literally just going to compile a small list of things i have and include some rough nutritional information. Let's begin.


Meat and Fish


Chicken Thighs


Chicken thighs are great for protein and also some small amounts of fat ( which your body does need ). On average, a chicken thigh will give your body 28G of Protein. To cook them, simply place them on an oven tray lined with aluminium foil and put them in the oven on medium heat for 45 minutes. You can even cover them with the foil to maintain juicier chicken meat.


Lean Mince Beef / Lean Ground Beef Burgers


Lean beef is a great meat product to add to your bodybuilding diet, as it (on average) contains 5% fat or less, meaning the rest is meat. When you buy ground beef, you will notice that it has small parts of white in the red/pink meat, this is fat. The next time you are in the supermarket, look at the simple colour (and price) difference between the Lean and Regular beef.  To cook it into burger patties, take the beef and (optionally) mix with some onions and garlic, along with any spices and herbs of your choice. Also, and this isn't optional, add a raw egg white to the mix, if you want, add the yolk too, however it's very fatty, but don't be put off, as you are allowed and need some fat in your diet. With this mix, shape the beef into patties by rolling them into a ball and then flattening them with your hand and then place into a frying pan on the top of the cooker, for about 10 minutes, flipping them just once when the meat is a light brown colour. If you have purchased a 550G pack of beef, you should make 4 decent size patties, each providing 17G of protein, again, this is just rough.




Tuna is something people often immediately associate with bodybuilders. "Tuna  and pasta is the way to go bro". This is true to some degree, however, tuna consists of Mercury, which, to be blunt is bad for you and not needed by the body at all, so watch how much you eat. Moving on, Tuna is great for protein and gives 30g of protein per 100g.




Broccoli is a really good vegetable and contains plenty of fibre. Also, it's very easy to cook by boiling in hot water.


Sweet Potato is a really good alternative to regular potatoes, and can be cut into fries, mixed with egg white and place in the oven to create great "french fries"




Mixed Fruit & Nuts


This is something i always pick up whenever i am at the supermarket. On average, a pack of fruit and nuts ( the fruit being raisins and sultanas) costs me no more than a pound (£), which equats to about $1.60. They are such a good snacking food, as they are not only willing and taste nice, but they contain plenty of protein and fibre!


Protein Shakes


This is something that may not be for everyone, however i often carry my protein shake bottle (with a big scoop of powder inside) so that if i am ever hungry or am unable to achieve the protein i need, i can quickly drink this on the go. A tip is too use water. It's obviously easier to obtain than milk, and gives you no additional calories or fats, great for anyone cutting and trying to lose weight and bfp %.


Kidney Beans


These are amazing. They are really good for you (again, fibre and protein) and don't taste too bad, however, if you don't like the taste it can be easily masked. Take a tub of salsa and a tin of kidney beans, add them together in a bowl and blast them in the microwave. They taste so good and you are getting, 18G of protein easily. The only downside is the beans are very fibre enriched, and you know what that means - gas.




Eggs (Obviously?!)


Eggs are a great source for protein and also taste really nice. As most of you will know (or not if you are new) an egg white is where the protein is found, and the yolk is just fatty, however, as i have stated before, it's not bad. You need fats and therefore having one egg yolk a day will not do you any harm, however if you plan to have fattier foods during the day ( consider the meat ) then removing the yolk from your diet is probably a good idea.






Help me add to this by posting your meals and foods that you have prepared and tried yourself.



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