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Tri Bot Freezing? + Faults

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Hello everyone, 


I am wondering what seems to be the cause of tribot freezing after a small amount of time botting?


I would like this issue to be fixes.

- Not sure if you are experiencing the same issues as me. 


If you are leave below comment / if you can resolve the issues please state how.


Kind Regards.

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Sigh literally setup a Combat bot, set all the loot etc, only for it to be all lost after 45seconds of botting - I give up, not going to bot til you've got this fixed - it's ridiculous.

You will be waiting forever trilez doesn't do shit. Client has been freezing for over 2 months, he doesn't care, he just wants your VIP money. Lets not forget randoms that he attempts to fix maybe once every 2 months. Trillez is a trololol

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3 hours ago, zeeto said:

its 2017 now, and I am experiencing the same thing

Please do not gravedig, find the thread that could help and if it is not helping post a new thread. gravedigging is useless. Posting a new thread makes the thread appear on the right of home page.


But try increasing your MB for the client. or do console mode and look at the logger and post it into a new thread. Also, check to see all your drivers are up to date and if your CPU can handle the stress LG puts on it.

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