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[Tools] Rare Hunter - Current: SANTA HATS - v1.70 - [World switching(fixed)/looting/teleport][100+ scythes so far/100+ pumpkins/100+ masks]

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After being dry for days on end ... I found a new spot. 3 phats overnight and 3 today so far. I'll be posting the spot here soon once i get a few more;P



btw it's a listed spot. don't think its a secret. 

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Bunny Ears and Reindeer hat are being dropped (two different spawns like pumpkin mask and skeleton suit) next week. They are untradeable.

Source: Mod Mat K said it on his stream a few minutes ago.

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I'm running into a weird bug. On two of my accounts, the script is running perfectly fine. However, on my 3rd account, it just says "We are attempting to solve the maze random"

Now this would be ok, if I was actually in the maze random... I'm clearly in Ardy and no matter how many times I restart the script or close the client and reload it, it still tries to solve the maze random. :/


edit: Apparently Ardy center has been turned into a maze. When I run the script there, it tries to solve the maze. It worked when I used it in cammy bank.

edit #2: multiple locations now showing up as "a maze"

edit #3: idk anymore, it's fucked up. lol

edit #4: found a spot that it doesn't say that it's "in a maze." Not really sure what's causing this.

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Since I ran out of VIP... I'll give out my spot.. but I have to say it's DANGEROUS. Down the stairs nearby MB.. between the first gate and staircase. Also known as the hills (hill giants).. it's not that crowded and there is a spot to wait untill agro goes off. After that Good luck.. the 12h proggy was about  10 hats on 3 accounts.


//Edit: It is a mod confirmed spot btw.


//Edit2: AND If it's someones "special" spot.. I'm sorry.


Enjoy.. and I suggest banking the hats after you reach the 3 marker on each account.

Edited by pilku

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Any reason in particular why I just got an interface, through tribot, asking if I could grant permission for a specific IP address to access my tribot client? 


I've noticed that sometimes tribot asks permission to open world select interface, because it connects to some jagex server.

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To everyone who says it doesn't pick up the Phats, it doesn't. I dropped a hat on the ground to test if it recognized it and it kept trying to log out. If you dont believe me go to a spot where there is no one there and drop one, but remember the world in case it logs out. So until its updated there is no point in hopping, you look dumb lol.


On a side not, I'm starting a group of 4-6 members who want to make a unverified phat team. Essentially us few with share and find unverified locations for future drops (eg. santas, easter eggs, crackers (if they even consider those as rares). We will work via forums/skype and make a thread that consists of daily spoils. Once we find a few that are good enough we will continue to find more and begin to sell certain locations we feel are good, but not as good as our private ones. If anyone is interested please PM me your skype, give me a brief discription of yourself, and link me to you sythe/PB/Tribot profile so I can see what you've been up to (;


So if you're at all interested, whether you've found a 100 phats or just 1, feel free to pm me, I will review everyone that Pms me and get back to you on the 13th before the next rares begin to spawn. 

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    • Over the past few months, I’ve been working diligently on a new project - TRiBot X. Everything has been written from the ground up, with all of the best practices of software engineering. Every aspect of TRiBot has been re-imagined to support three main goals: flexibility, useability, and reliability.
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