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[Tools] Rare Hunter - Current: SANTA HATS - v1.70 - [World switching(fixed)/looting/teleport][100+ scythes so far/100+ pumpkins/100+ masks]

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New rare spawns from today in Mod Mat K's stream!

Outside Draynor Manor door entrance

Sophanem (around the pyramid)

Tai Bwo Wannai Beach near the boats

At the afflicted people

Brimhaven near the pub

Outside the doors to The Grand Tree

Lumbridge near the statues to the castle also a little bit south-west of the Signpost near the bridge

Mudskipper Point

Chaos altar (Level 12 wilderness)

Yanille outside magic guild

At the Barrows Hills (can be at all brothers hills)

Varrock square

Nardah square

Outside falador park fence near the bank

Varrock west entrance

idk why people assume these are spots.. i've yet to see any picture proof of anyone getting a phat at the locations mod mat k teleports too.

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okay guys, i was sitting there using the script, playing call of duty, i come back after a few hours, and it sits there saying ' invalid username or password to many inncorrect logins try again in five minutes', i thought i was hacked, i went to go type my password in on the forums, and it said the same thing, then i realised the number five and the number six wasnt working on my keyboard.. same with caps lock plus' and minuses, slashes, and i think thats it, please someone help me, i cant log into runescape till this is fixed, and no i just disabled mouse keys its not on.


edit; the little number pad to the side works.

enable on screen keyboard my firend

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how and now i ant press enter or write see or slashes or anything help please or period or fuking onnnnas also the letter before n doesnt work



Copy and paste ^ onto a notepad and use it for ur letter

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whoever is trying the trollweis place with those level 96 wolfs , near the gnomes



I WANT TO CONFESS: that location is fake trust me or not your problem but i was the one who gave that location to Cartoon16 or something like that in Mr cr0w's friendchat

and it was a temporary location by mod mark and cause of me theres 50 people hopping there and have there bots there.


Sorry guys , but this world is crooked ;) and you gotta step on one another to reach the top


Standing on 73 phats soo far :)

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No just no


honestly dude, I've been using this script from the start! Used it for a scythe, used it for pumpkins, h'ween masks and all!!! I loved this script!!! I've been posting all my feedback on this script for ages!!! I used to think the same as what you thinking now when I see people saying that about this script but it just happened to me!!! I just came to my comp now and saw it accept all my items in a trade then continue hopping!!! I have no hate towards Word at all and I love his scripts and would never believed this would've happened.. but it just did..!!!

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