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[Tools] Rare Hunter - Current: SANTA HATS - v1.70 - [World switching(fixed)/looting/teleport][100+ scythes so far/100+ pumpkins/100+ masks]

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They will be eventually, we all no it. Same situation as when they were first released people didnt care and all that and then they boomed a year or so later, and who says they will be dropped every christmas... they wont do that because they need a high value item that supersedes all others. Im gunna stick to what i no

Not sure if srs...


Jagex Mod would be the people that have confirmed they will be dropped/available every Christmas. 

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Couldn't thank you enough Word. Yesterday i got a red and blue overnight on one account, woke up today to a blue and white, and on my other account a blue. If you guys are going dry 10+ hours, i highly suggest rotating throughout locations. You will not get a phat in the common areas like blue moon inn or wise mans house.

Will post a picture of my progress once i get some more phats and put everything on 1 account. Thanks again

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Finally got 1! Got a white last night after 4 hours. 


This is ruining phat prices btw


And since I'm not an asshole, after I find just 1 more phat I'll tell people my location. I'm not a jewhole 



Ok no joke I just found another 5 seconds after this post.



Ok here are my locations:

-Range Guild 2nd floor of middle tower

-Magic trees in front of sorcerers tower


My friends have gotten phats there as well

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Guest Durexbabey

It's in the Canafis Pub, Upstairs. BTW you seem pretty frustrated. Also ... it's your, not you're. Get your grammer correct and chill out.

Actually it is "you're" as in "you are", not "your" which would show possession of some sort. Get it straight before your attempt to correct others.

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Wilderness is best bet but obviously most risky,

Also to the people who think your going to find a party hat ever hour, just remember theres loads of legit/botters also trying


So stop being greedy. impatient,  childish,leeching,noobs,




Go do  a quest or two,


go to places that are hard to get!


Even if you get only 1 partu hat in 24 hours thats still a couple million gp!

Edited by iprocheat

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I got 2 phats at the boat lol



Yup, that's where I got my two partyhats, Blue & Purple.


Does this collect yoyos?



No this doesn't. Luckily about an hour ago I noticed a yoyo as it logged out, so i quickly logged back in and picked it up.


Good luck finding one!

Edited by Diesel

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