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[Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

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Combat AIO fighter [lite edition]



Combat AIO is TRiBot's most advanced combat script. Written by Assume, one of TRiBot's most popular scripters Combat AIO strives to be the highest quality script available.



  • AIO Combat
  • Customizable looting
  • Combat radius
  • Saving your settings
  • Custom API's for eating, prayer, equipment swapping, combat, monster selection, and pathing

Premium features:

  • All lite edition features
  • full potion support
  • full special attack support
  • custom pathing support
  • banking
  • Guthans



Go to the tribot repository and install it.

Bug report format:


TRiBot Version:

CombatAIO Version:
Using Looking Glass (y/n):
Operating System:
Using VPS (y/n):
Using tabs (y/n):
Bot Debug (Pastebin ONLY):
Client Debug (Pastebin ONLY):
GUI Setup Screenshots (Imgur ONLY):
Stack Traces (Do at least 4 seperate times, Imgur ONLY):

Once you have filled out the above form, type a description of the bug, and any additional information you deem necessary. If you do not follow the bug report format, your bug reportwill be ignored.

How to Copy Debugs


How to Print Stack Traces



Progress and bug reports are appreciated, enjoy!

Edited by Assume
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If your folders do not look like this, you did it wrong.





Error: ao.v() am.l() u.p() ct.ai() w.ae() o.cr() o.cr() client.v() bo.nz() | di:502 di:347 ao:128 am:293 u:83 ct:11 cz:1145 cz:782 w:4765 o:8557 o:8576 client:2764 bo:224 bo:175 java.lang.Thread.run | java.lang.NullPointerException

This is an error on the Tribot side. Nothing we can do. It happens to all scripts.

Edited by Assume
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how does banking work?

The location I want to use would be in the talvery tunnels. how would it know how to navigate through the tunnels all the way to fally bank?

This is the lite edition. It does not have custom pathing. That will a premium feature. 

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one little improvement you could make is if it clicks a monster but there is an object inbetween the monster and you, the bot waits till you move or the monster moves so you can attack it. maybe add a timer where if it doesn't go into combat after 3 seconds of clicking, it finds another closer target.

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Ok here is in short some feedback on the lite release version.



-Super smooth & fast npc switching after one is killed.
-Sweet userfriendly gui and interface.





-it's only lite and got no logic :(



[suggestions, towards full version]


- The ability to attack mobs not directly reachable. like caged npc's you can range but not melee etc.

- Make the previous customizable by the user like click to enable in the gui.

- Make it stop , logout , change attack mode after reaching a certain level.(for example: 55atk, I want 60 and it needs to train Str from 60..)
- World hopping? I think its a good antiban considering if a certain player sees you in the same  place & world for 24H he will report you..

- Make the lootlist capable of ignoring capital letters? so incase you made a mistake it will still loot the item.(for example input :bones , real item = Bones )




Good job so far , best autofighter by far with best xp rates on the market

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      More features to come very soon!

      Please test it and let us know here if there are any new bugs introduced in this release.
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