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MyBB SQL Error

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:

1040 - Too many connections


[READ] Unable to connect to MySQL server

Please contact the MyBB Group for support.

Site is always down, With all the donations including the subs of vip such as myself, UPGRADE your server host please, Now says must be vip even when I purchased 3months.

As you demand more users you need to expand your servers and forums. This is getting a bit ridiculous on UP time. Cant even login to run 1 bloody bot.

Fix this issue please and mabey have a 1 connection policy so stopping the gold farmers taking advantage of the site as they chew up all the connections.

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New: The ability to connect to the Old School Servers and use '07 Scripts.

Eh... TRiLeZ, I am disappointed. I'd always expected for TRiBot to remain a community focused on scripting, not money (a villavu with a specialized bot), but it seems I was mistaken. Locking out something as major as that is disappointing. Sure, the platform is well developed, but it is no excuse to force someone to donate. I have no problem with becoming VIP and helping you + the site out, but when restrictions are this heavy, I don't think I will continue my membership here. It is very disappointing, being here for a year and three months and seeing what has happened. I wish you luck, but remember, we've all come here to escape powerbot, and yet you are creating another one, with the community being (paying) leechers that don't even know what scripting for TRiBot looks like.

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