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Benefits of VIP

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im considering donating just discoved today

was wondering if the site lag was from DDOS and if it effects the bot at all?

is there a offline mode?

I think the site is currently getting DDoSed, but the server + CF is keeping up with it :)

The DDoS shouldn't affect the bot once you've logged in the client.

There is No Offline mode ( That I know of).


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I was going to buy VIP with my chump change in my bank but paypal want an extra 11p for currency conversion making me unable to afford it until the 4th of April, definitely looking forward to that day though, the progress looks great and it seems you've got the best bot for oldschool at the moment. Good luck with it all!

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I want to buy VIP, but witch one to buy ?

There are 2 for 1 month, what are the differences between them ?

I just want to bot 07scape with 2-4 bots, witchone to buy then ?

TRiBot VIP (1 month)

For 1 month of TRiBot VIP membership. VIP 1 Month 5 CAD

TRiBot VIP (1 month)

For 1 month of TRiBot VIP membership.

This group will not be your primary user group but an additional one. VIP 1 Month 5 CAD

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  • Our picks

    • This release includes:

      Fix shift clicking option selecting

      Fix high paint delay settings saving

      Update prayer IDs for the quick select menu

      Remove RS3 support

      Fix hooks

      RS3 Support Removed

      The RS3 client hasn't been updated since our Old-School version of TRiBot was released, as many of you may have noticed. Keeping all of the RS3 code in the client made the client as a whole harder to maintain, larger, slower, and messier. As hardly anyone still uses the RS3 client, and since the RS3 API was hardly functioning, we made the decision to completely remove it from TRiBot.

      For the average user, this means that the client will be smaller, cleaner, and faster. Future updates will also take less work meaning there will be more frequent updates.

      If you were one of the few users still using the RS3 client, we apologize for the inconvenience. No future support for RS3 is planned. There are many other botting clients which has support for RS3, so we recommend finding an alternative if you wish to continue botting on RS3.
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    • Please welcome our new developers, @JoeDezzy1, @erickho123, @Encoded, and @wastedbro.

      These members will be responsible for working on, maintaining, and improving TRiBot.

      This means that bug fixes and improvements will now come at a much faster pace! We're committed to providing users with the best botting experience possible!
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    • This release includes:

      More 3rd party libraries for script writers to use

      Apache Commons Codec

      Apache Commons Collections

      Apache Commons Configuration

      Apache Commons IO

      Apache Commons Lang

      Apache Commons Math




      Hint arrow API



      Fix player hooks including Player#getSkullIcon and Prayer#getPrayerIcon
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    • This update includes:

      Fix broken hooks

      Fix login bot for the message "No reply from login server. Please wait 1 minute and try again."

      Fix bug relating to which bot tab is sent human input

      General#randomLong bug fix involving negative numbers

      Fix GE API

      Please note: There are still some issues with the login bot due to a change in the game mechanisms handling the login screen. We're working on a fix and will upload it when ready.
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    • This release will:

      Fix key event handling issue

      Fix other event handling issue

      Fix RSServer hook

      Update world hopper to have it use OCR, thanks to Todd

      Use proper disposal of old Graphics objects

      Reformat code

      Rearrange code

      Organize code imports

      Apply around 8000 automated code refactorings

      Make preparations for Java 9

      Fix 11 various bugs

      Add more reliable debugging support

      Fix mouseEntered/Exited event dispatching bug

      Fix minimap walking bug where it opens the map

      Fix broken hooks for today's game update
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