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Found 1 result

  1. [P] Zulrah ready accounts..

    Looking to buy 2 or 3 Zulrah Ready accounts. hand trainer preferred. looking for a decent deal. If you have 2 or 3 try to work out a bundle deal for me if not I'll just buy 1 for sure if the created is asking for too much. I've read on the forums they going for 50-70/80M each roughly 50-80$ each. If someone can bargen a deal for 2 or 3 accounts I'll pay well. please lmk if anyone is interested & DM me.. just lost my main .. /: ---------- Little update to help everyone understand what it is that I am requesting. The bare minimum work as for I'm looking for the best deal possible. I'm willing & wanting to pay But since I'm looking for atleast 2 or 3 accounts I am looking for a decent bundle package. before I go & pay over 100M or 100$ for a account I rather pay 200 or 180 or a decent deal for two accounts or more. If I get a good deal on 3 I am willing to spend. Quality tho please. Not looking for suicided bottled accounts. I appreciate the honesty & I understand these AC A will be banned eventually but if you are a good provider I will keep coming back and we will be in business. Thanks. im not asking for much on the account but just enough to kill Zulrah steadily. combat stats 60-75 (DEF Most important) prayer 45-70 (anywhere in that range is fine) agi 50-76 (anywhere in that range is fine) Range & mage 75-80 minimum. untradeables: Full Void quests: Regicide, Underground Pass, Biohazard, Plague City, the 5 Quests needed for NMz, & Lunar Diplomacy if possible. the bare minimals works also. 60 att hp def str 75 mage & rng 45 prayer Quests to be able to teleport to Zulrah & Fight.