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Found 13 results

  1. Welcome to Worthy Scripts Less than a year and a half ago, I released the first version of the Zulrah Slayer. It did the job well with over 1,000,000 total kills across 1300+ users. After much analysis and noted user feedback I decided to rewrite the script taking a better structured approach to improve efficiency and performance. New features Unlimited multi-kill performance The bot will determine if it has enough supplies to start another Zulrah battle after killing the boss the previous time. It can continue doing this until it runs out of food, allowing a single, double, triple, or quad+ kill. Options to teleport out if out of food and not winning is now available. Modular traveling system The navigation system in place has been restructured. Each travel route is broken into a set of movements, which is a small part of the overall route. Routes, such as fairy rings, charter travel, can easily be added with a combination of movements and plugged into the script. Navigation is smoother, reliable, and more inclusive. Fairy rings have been added. Mounted fairy rings will be added. Travel methods like Zul-andra scrolls and Camelot Charter have been restructured and are still available to use. Dynamically prioritized combat framework Combat has been improved tremendously to reduce mistakes and ensure success. All actions are broken down into several tasks which are ran and checked against a list of priorities. Improved Zulrah tracking Zulrah tracking has optimized computation-wise and improved accuracy-wise. The bot will be able to multi-task easily, keeping track of JAD attacks or anything else which may occur. How to access There will be an closed beta for a 2-3 days before v2 is released. Anyone who is a current owner of v1 will be able to apply for a beta key and use v2 of the script. However, they are expected to report bugs if they find any. To apply for the beta, PRIVATE MESSAGE ME and I will add you to be whitelisted to v2. Link to the script is https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2123 After the closed beta, v1 will be updated to v2. Any user who has v1 will automatically be updated to v2. Hiscores Users which participate in the beta will have their stats automatically uploaded to the hiscores page. Link: http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/ZulrahSlayerV2/hiscores.php Pictures Regards, Worthy
  2. AIO Constructor By Worthy Features Construct Any Item Planks Bagged plants - FARMING XP! Planks and nails Marble, etc. Multiple Banking Methods Manual banking - Rimmington/Falador, Yanille Ring of Dueling and House Teleports Phials unnoting planks Servants Synchronized Servant Support Cook Butler Demon Butler User Experience This entire script has been rewritten optimized for efficiency and flawlessness Antiban Compliance (ABC) Level 10/10 Quick and easy to use GUI setup Save, Create, and Load presets with ease (documentation below) Sexy mousepaint and paint Dynamic signature system (more info below) Hiscores page Set-up Disable middle wheel mouse zoom and fully zoom out! If using Looking Glass, hook the client to OSBuddy! Set up a preset following the documentation posted below Once created, select the preset item which you would like to make and fill out the rest of the GUI Start with just a hammer and saw in Inventory Only if using Servants have coins in Inventory too. Only if using Phials Unnoting have noted planks in Inventory too Only if using RoD/Tele Banking have house tabs in Inventory too Only if your item is underground, make sure to use a staircase, not trapdoor Recommended Items to Build Levels 1 - 19 → Crude Wooden Chairs (need 138 planks and nails) Levels 19 - 33 → Oak Chairs (need 238 oak planks) Levels 33 - 70 → Oak Larders Levels 70 - 99 → Oak Dungeon Doors OR Levels 52 - 99 → Mahogany Tables (fastest if you have $$) Documentation Click to buy or try a free 2 hour trial: Check your hiscore ranking here! Grab your dynamic signature by going to the follow site: http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/AIOConstructor/sigs/YOUR_TRIBOT_USERNAME_HERE.png Enjoy! Worthy
  3. Greetings. This thread serves as a supplemental guide to help users set up the Zulrah Slayer once it has been purchased. It covers how to: Create an armor preset Decide what gear to wear Set up the GUI to be tailored to your RuneScape character Start the script correctly Troubleshoot basic problems How to properly create an armor preset: Make sure you have both the magic and range armors set up in one preset as the video shows. What Gear Should I wear? Best settings work with a switch of 4 items or less. Armor: Ahrim's/Armadyl > Ahrim's/Karil's > Void with Range and Magic Void > (mystic/d'hide not recommended) Helmet: If not using void --> Serpentine Helm > Farseer Helm > Ahrim's Hood > (mystic hat not recommended) Amulet: Occult Necklace with Fury switch > Just Fury > Just Occult > Glory Ring: Recoil Rings Gloves: Void Gloves > / Best Culinaromancer gloves (Barrows are best) Weapon (magic): Trident of the Swamp > Trident of the Seas Weapon (range): Blowpipe (only if Range >= 90) > Armadyl crossbow > Rune crossbow > Crystal Bow > Magic Short bow Ammo: Mithril darts for Blowpipe and Diamond(e) bolts with Armadyl crossbow / Rune crossbow; Use Ruby(e) if < 85 range NOTE --> If Using a one handed weapon, go for the best magic and range accuracy off-hands you have, Ely/Arcane being the best options; Odium and Malediction switch > Magic Book (like Mage's) > Unholy/Ancient books This gear is just the recommended standard gear. You can use whatever gear you want. Boots and cape are up to you, but optimize your Magic Attack bonus. Magic is the most important stat. How Do I Set Up the GUI for My Account? The following GUI documentation is based off of this GUI: Character Setup Food Type - if your account is a very high level account, you can use foods which heal on the lower end of the health spectrum, such as monkfish. If you have a mid to low level account, it is highly recommended to use food healing a large amount of hitpoints, such as sharks. IF YOU ARE USING MULTI-KILL, have a high level healing food (like sharks). Karambwans - Always use these! To determine how many you need, you should run the bot a few times and find the right amount of karambwans, where the bot uses all of them (or less) just before Zulrah dies. Play around with this number, but it should be anywhere from 3-6 based on your health/defence level. Prayer Potions - Use 1 if your prayer level is >= 70, otherwise use 2 or 3. IF YOU ARE USING MULTI-KILL, use 2 if your prayer level is >= 70, otherwise 3. Use Full Prayer Potions - If this option is selected the bot will only withdraw full potions before each battle, otherwise the bot may decant potions or bring an emptier pot. (UPDATE 10/26/2016): This option has permanently enabled, if you need to decant your remaining potions, go the the Grand Exchange, and there is an NPC who can decant them in one tick for you. Magic Potions - These are a must with pretty much every magic level. If you are extremely high magic level then perhaps this should be unticked, because a food like a shark would be worth more in the battle. Range Potions - These are not as important as magic potions but are still highly recommended with any range level. Gear Setup - Select the correct gear preset for your account . There is a video above in the documentation on how to do so. Eat at - this should be set to around 60-75% depending on how high your HP and Defense level are. ABC Decides - Disabled, too general to be meant to use during a high level boss battle. Previously here to comply with premium script regulations yet failed to show to be worth it by a majority of users. Mouse speed - this is up to you, doesn't really matter. F-keys only - forces the bot to use the function keys during the Zulrah battle only to change tabs. If this is disabled, TRiBot (using its antiban methods) will decide whether to use the mouse or f-keys when switching tabs. Zul-Andra scrolls - uses Zulrah teleport scrolls to go directly to the island! Worth it if you can make at least 2 kills per trip on average and don't die too often. Charter Boat Travel Travel method variations Camelot teleport method - if selected, the bot will take the boat South East of Camelot to port tyras and run south the Zul-Andra Island. You must have Camelot Teleport tablets in the bank for this. Catherby teleport method - if selected, the bot will use the lunar spell to teleport to Catherby. Requires law, water, and astral runes, and level 87 magic to cast the spell. If using vengeance, and you have a rune pouch, make sure to have some extra Astral runes in the bank so that the bot can teleport back in case of death. Khazard teleport method - if selected, the bot will use the lunar spell to teleport to the Khazard Port. Requires law, water, and astral runes, and level 78 magic to cast the spell. If using vengeance, and you have a rune pouch, make sure to have some extra Astral runes in the bank so that the bot can teleport back in case of death. Applicable modifiers Stamina Potions - if selected, the bot will stop by Catherby bank on the way to the dock to bank, withdraw a stamina potions, and take a dose. You should use this if your agility is < 80 or you run out of run energy before you reach the Sacrificial Boat. Extra-food - if selected, the bot will grab an extra piece of food to fill the remaining inventory slot on the way to Zulrah, if applicable. Reduced-fee - to use 1600gp for the Camelot Charter travel instead of 3200gp, you need to complete the Cabin Fever quest. Summer pie - if selected, the bot will bring a summer pie to the zulrah fairy ring to boost your agility up to 5 levels (use if under 76 agility). Note you should have at least 72 agility for this, because the way the boost timer works you can get unlucky with the timing and you will eat your only half a pie. Fairy Ring Travel Travel method variations North Varrock - if selected, make sure to have Varrock Teleport tabs in the bank. The bot will use these to teleport and use the fairy ring west of Grand Exchange. Quest Cape - if selected, the bot will use the quest cape to teleport to the nearest fairy ring. It does not need to be saved in your gear preset, you may use another cape for battle. Ardougne Cloak -if selected, the bot will use the Ardougne cloak to teleport to the nearest fairy ring. It does not need to be saved in your gear preset, you may use another cape for battle. Salve Graveyard - if selected, make sure to have Salve graveyard teleport tablets in the bank. Fremmenik - if selected, make sure to have a Slayer ring in the bank. House Mounted Fairy Ring - if selected, the bot will use House Teleports and the mounted fairy ring to get to Zulrah. NOTE: You may additional check the "Use Ornate Pool" option to restore your stats here instead of the FFA portal. NOTE: You may build a basic, fancy, or ornate jewelry box in your house to use house tabs instead of Ring of Duelings . To have the script recognize this, start the script in the PoH with the jewelry box NOTE: You may use another person's Player Owned House! Just type in a list of RuneScape Names, comma separated and the bot will try each house until it finds one with all the appropriate items. If doing this, toggle this option off: Applicable modifiers Make sure to select the "Bring Dramen Staff" box accordingly. If you complete the Lumbridge/Draynor Elite Diary you do not need to bring this staff. Additional Settings Middle mouse wheel movement - push and hold down the middle mouse instead of using the arrow keys doing the Zulrah battle as an alternative choice to camera movement. Hop worlds - set the numbers to be a decently wide range if you want the bot to hop worlds every so often. World list - enter a comma separated list of worlds for which the bot will pick from of worlds to hop to. Use this script I wrote to pick a world / list of worlds with the lowest latency/ping for your proxy / IP address. Idle logout timer - This measures the time since you have been fighting in a Zulrah battle. 7 minutes is a pretty good time for quicker travel methods like Zul-andra teleport scrolls or the quest cape / ardy cloak method. Within 7 minutes the bot should always be in a Zulrah battle. If you find that the script logs out early then increase it to 8-12 minutes for something like Camelot charter travel - or just play with the number. The reason this feature exists is to protect your high level accounts as an ultimate 'failsafe.' While I believe my script to be quite efficient and flawless with respect to bugs, I cannot guarantee that those of the TRiBot API - Looking Glass included - are as well; so if in any rare case something goes wrong, your script will simply log out after a few minutes . Automated script end (minutes) - will end the script automatically after the inputted number of runtime minutes (does not include breaks). Note the automated end waits for deathwalk and kills to complete. Automated script end (kills) - will end the script automatically after the inputted number of kills. Note the automated end waits for deathwalk and kills to complete. Turn off prayer - if selected, the bot will turn off prayer on phases in which Zulrah does not attack the player. Multi-kill - if selected, the bot will fight Zulrah again without banking if it has enough food, prayer potions, and anti-venom. Max kill limit - bot will not attempt any more kills after this many kills in a trip. Safe-tele - if selected, the bot will teleport out of the Zulrah fight early if it is out of food and the Zulrah HP % is greater than or equal to the inputted value. Vengeance - if selected, the bot will time when to use Vengeance. Supports Rune pouch if you have it. Uses death, earth and astral runes to cast the spell. Rearrange - if selected, the bot will move your armor to the top of the inventory (before each kill), so switching armor sets during the fight is easier. Don't get defence xp - if using the blowpipe, the bot will idle during phases which would require it to switch to long range mode; this option only affects you if you use the blowpipe, as Zulrah is reachable on rapid/accurate with all other weapons from all spots. Use magic only - the bot uses the magic set only and only the magic auxiliary prayers. Note it does not hide during the blue phases. How Do I Start the script correctly? This attack option must be selected: Start the script at Clan Wars bank Click the paint to hide it To delete an equipment preset, go to your .tribot folder > Worthy Zulrah Slayer > Equipment and just delete any of the .ini preset files. Note: You must do this while the script is not running. Do not use Boots of Lightness Do not press "Re-Run Script". Use "Start Script" EVERY TIME. The OSRS client must be in fixed mode. You can change this in game with the options tab (the wrench next to logout). If running multiple bots, put each bot in a separate TRiBot client; don't use tabs for each bot in one client. If you do not want Defence XP (pure), select it on the GUI. Make sure rooves are turned OFF (type ::toggleroof in game chat) Fully zoom out the camera in the Runescape settings tab Set f-key bindings to default**(IMPORTANT) You must use Anti-Venom+ potions if not using the serpentine helm. They provide immunity for 5 minutes after sipping. If your Zulrah battle lasts more than 5 minutes, then your settings are not configured correctly, your stats are too low, or your gear is not good enough - prioritize magic attack bonus first. It is highly recommended to use Looking Glass (LG) to reduce bans. However, please do note that Looking Glass is a beta feature of TRiBot, so if you encounter any script issue, it is probably an LG issue. LG working well depends on a few things: your computer, how its set-up, and luck. Follow the 'something not working' instructions below after these LG tips: You must use the 64-bit OSBuddy client with 64-bit Java for Looking Glass. Always use GUEST MODE in OSBuddy. Do not sign in because this will enable your custom settings. Default your OSBuddy settings to ensure LG works properly (click for tutorial) You should have at least 6GB of RAM and at least an i5 CPU or better equivalent to run this bot on LG smoothly If the script looks choppy, open up Task Manager. If you reach 100% CPU usage (check during the Zulrah battle), then you need to do some optimizations. 100% CPU usage is bad. Try disabling the TRiBot client graphics and just watch the OSBuddy screen if you find the client using too much CPU Find the world with the lowest ping when botting to prevent LAG (run this script) Type "::displayfps" in the OSRS client in game (without quotes) and it will display your FPS in the top right corner of the Runescape client. If your FPS is less than 10, this is bad. Experiment with minimizing client windows and reducing CPU usage to get this above 10 at all times (especially during the JAD phase). Note, if your TRiBot client paint delay is between 80-100ms, this will drop your FPS considerably. 0 delay will use a lot of CPU. I recommend anything from 30-80ms. Experiment. To use Script Arguments type the RSN of your character into the script argument box. Note you need to fill out the GUI logged in on this character once for this to work. Read the threads on Reducing CPU and Memory Usage and the Tutorial for Safe Botting for additional information. Troubleshooting - Something not working? If you are experiencing a problem, there is a high chance it is a TRiBot or Looking Glass issue. Take a look around the recent posts of the main Zulrah thread. Are other people experiencing the same issue as you? If you are the only one, theses steps below will default all of your settings, to rule out almost all TRiBot and Looking Glass issues. Follow these steps before filling out a bug report form: Close all TRiBot clients Delete hooks.dat: WINDOWS VERSION, MAC VERSION (click for tutorial) ADDITIONALLY delete the 'dependencies' folder in the .tribot folder IF using Looking Glass, default OSBuddy settings (click for tutorial) If Runescape has updated (usually on Thursdays), restart your client twice. You may need to reset your Jagex cache if item names / information updated. To do this, delete all folders starting with 'jagexcache' in your user directory. On Windows this could be: 'C:\Users\worthy\jagexcache' or 'C:\Users\worthy\jagexcache1' etc. Delete all folders. Launch the original Runescape Oldschool downloadable client to redownload a good game cache and then try using TRiBot / OSBuddy again. If the Issue still persists, then fill out the proper bug report format and post it on this thread or PM it to me: Happy Botting! Regards, Worthy

    Hi TriBot, I need to delete the settings of my zulrah script because it is causing me problems running the script. How do I reach the folder and delete the needed settings? I am very bad at techical stuff, so please bare with me. I am using Windows 10. Thanks in advance
  5. Welcome to Worthy Scripts |w| Zulrah Helper NOTE: This script does NOT kill Zulrah for you. It guides you through the kill process and tracks information. Think of it as a plugin for RuneScape (as the script never directly interacts with the game, but just paints information on the screen). Features No risk of ban from the script itself (the only other factor could be the Client but @TRiLeZ states it is undetectable) Easy to set-up GUI Hiscores system (below) Automatic screenshot progress report system every hour The bot can remind you to Recharge the blowpipe/trident/serpentime helmets Select the best prayers Wear the selected armor Change combat styles Eat food Cure venom Equip rings of recoil Drink prayer/mage/range potions Use special attacks Repair barrows armor Pickups pets The script guides you to kill Zulrah in the most efficient manner, even taking in Melee safe spots into account GUI Settings How it works (note this is a human playing) How to setup an equipment profile (from my Zulrah Slayer but same concept) Requirements - 80 to 85+ range/hp/def/magic - 43+ prayer - Regicide, Underground pass, Biohazard, and Plague City required Hiscores System Link Proggies Pricing - 14.99 CREDITS | LIFETIME| Unlimited auths Get it here now! Dynamic Signature [center][url=https://tribot.org/forums/topic/53608-/][img=http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/ZulrahHelper/sigs/USERNAME_HERE.png][/url][/center] Things to note: Green tiles are where you should currently stand Blue tiles are where you should get ready to stand next Red tiles are where Zulrah will spawn Do use karambwans and magic/range potions for faster kills. Do use function keys (esc, f5) so switch tabs quicker. If a karambwan and food is glowing in green, eat the food first and then the karambwan. When battling a certain Zulrah phase, hover over the blue dot on the minimap, and the second Zulrah dives into the ground, click the blue square. Afterwards then wear your new armor, pray the new prayers, eat (if needed), and change combat styles (if needed). Watch this informative video detailing how to deal with the JAD phase This script is just an overlay, it is not supposed to be meant with LG as it does not interact with the game. TRiLeZ has stated the client is undetectable, and the script does not interact with the game, so there is no chance of a ban, thus LG is not plausible to use. IF using Looking Glass, use 64-bit OSBuddy. Additionally go into File > Settings on the TRiBot client and increase the paint delay to 50+ to reduce lag. With the required stats, you should be able to "legit" Zulrah in a few kills. There is also a two hour trial with the script! Don't be alarmed if you don't kill it on the first try though, it could take a few times to get into the rhythm. Regards, Worthy
  6. Welcome to Worthy Scripts |w| Zulrah Slayer Features V2 HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES (this script has been fully rewritten) LG Compatible The script now functions smoothly with TRiBot's beta feature Looking Glass Unlimited multi-kill performance The bot will determine if it has enough supplies to start another Zulrah battle after killing the boss the previous time. It can continue doing this until it runs out of food, allowing a single, double, triple, or quad+ kill. Dynamically prioritized combat framework Zulrah fight very CPU efficient! Travel method support update Zul-Andra teleport scrolls Charter Travel Camelot port [via Camelot teleports] Catherby port [via Catherby port lunar teleport] Khazard port [via Khazard port lunar teleport] Fairy Ring Network Fairy ring via Varrock Teleport Fairy ring via Quest Cape Fairy ring via Ardougne Cloak Fairy ring via Salve Graveyard Teleport Fairy ring via slayer ring Fairy ring via House Teleport (mounted) Ornate pool support If so, the script will use castle wars bank instead Jewelry box support If so, the script will use a custom kill / bank loop (with no Ring of Dueling) Or use another player's house! Ability to input a list of names. Set range and magic sets Swaps gear and prays efficiently Prayer flickering for JAD phases Calculates zulrah drop earnings Deathwalk - SAFE BOSS: never lose your items on death Recharges Trident of the Seas, Trident of the Swamp, Toxic Blowpipe, Serpentine Helm (all forms) Tracks arrow count, charge count, and ammo count for all special weapons Repairs barrows armor Reorganizes inventory! Drags and drops items like a real player Supports serpentine helmets Supports cooked karambwans Supports special attacks Supports ring of suffering Supports stamina potions Supports summer pies for agility boost Supports imbued heart Supports random world hopping Supports new rigour and augury prayers Supports vengeance spell with optimal timing Ability to use rune pouch Requires Earth, Death, and Astral runes Picks up and banks the Zulrah pet Dodges melee phase attacks Sexy loot table. Analyze your drops! Hiscores system (below) Dynamic signatures (below) Automatic screenshot progress report system every hour Detailed session log dump. Keep track of exactly how all your bots do! ABC V2 Level 10 External Documentation Thread I have moved a large part of the documentation to an external thread which contains how to: Create an armor preset Decide what gear to wear Set up the GUI to be tailored to your RuneScape character Start the script correctly Other notable information If you are considering purchasing this script, read the documentation thread. Proggies More: http://imgur.com/a/HNaQZ Even more: http://imgur.com/a/lsh82 Requirements - 80 to 85+ range/magic (85+ magic necessary as it is the most important stat). If using LG, have at least 85 of both. - High defence and hp >= 70 for barrows), HP recommend at least 75 - 43+ prayer - Regicide, Underground pass, Biohazard, and Plague City required Live Hiscores System V1 Hiscores (OLD) V2 Hiscores (CURRENT) Dynamic Signatures: Automatically load an image of your current stats, which updates as you bot! http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/ZulrahSlayerV2/sigs/USERNAME_HERE.png Just replace USERNAME_HERE with your TRiBot username (make sure it is all lowercase), and copy and paste it the image link itself into your signature here: (should be on the bottom right of your signature edit box). Pricing - 14.99 CREDITS | 1 auth for 2 weeks - 24.99 CREDITS | 1 auth for 1 month - For very serious gold farmers, there is an unlimited plan. See pricing for more details. Note, with the prices above you can make your money back in ~15 hours and ~25 hours respectively. Click below to purchase or for FREE TWO HOUR TRIAL: Regards, Worthy
  7. I noticed there was no code to see which rearrange/withdraw as mode was selected or to select them when in the bank. Source: package scripts.api;import org.tribot.api.Timing;import org.tribot.api.types.generic.Condition;import org.tribot.api2007.Banking;import org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces;import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSInterfaceChild;/** * @author Worthy */public class BankHelper { private static final int BANKING_INTERFACE = 12; private static final int SELECTED_TEXTURE = 813; public enum Widgets { SWAP(14, "Swap"), INSERT(16, "Insert"), ITEM(19, "Item"), NOTE(21, "Note"); String name; int index; private Widgets(final int index, final String name) { this.index = index; this.name = name; } } /** * @param widj The widget to check (swap/insert/item/note) * @return true if the widget is selected (in red) */ public static boolean isSelected(final Widgets widg) { if (!Banking.isBankScreenOpen() || Interfaces.get(BANKING_INTERFACE) == null) return false; final RSInterfaceChild itemWidget = Interfaces.get(BANKING_INTERFACE, widg.index); if (itemWidget != null) { return itemWidget.getTextureID() == SELECTED_TEXTURE; } return false; } /** * @param widg The widget to enable * @return true if the widget was successfully selected */ public static boolean select(final Widgets widg) { if (!Banking.isBankScreenOpen() || Interfaces.get(BANKING_INTERFACE) == null) return false; if (isSelected(widg)) return false; final RSInterfaceChild itemWidget = Interfaces.get(BANKING_INTERFACE, widg.index); if (itemWidget != null) { if (itemWidget.click(widg.name)) { return (Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return isSelected(widg); } }, 4000)); } } return false; }}Regards, Worthy
  8. Worthy's Scripter Application

    1) Snipplets: [sOURCE] (Link to thread) n/a (if the ones in Scripting Help qualify, then some are floating around) 2) Tutorials: [sOURCE] (Link to thread) Node Framework Save and Load GUI Settings 3) Randoms/updates submitted: [sOURCE] (Link to thread) n/a 4) Scripts available to the public: [sOURCE] (Link to thread) All script sources stored on GitHub due to the amount of class files. World One Logger --> Source AutoTalker Infinite --> Source Merchant Assister --> Source Planker --> Source AIO Cow Killer --> Source AIO Constructor --> Source 5) Short biography / Coding Experience: [1-2 short paragraphs] Hello, I first started "coding" when I was around 10 or 11 for a game called ROBLOX. I realized they never really had any good games around or they just weren't perfect - and that bothered me. I decided to read up on the wiki and learn Lua, a simple and lightweight language that was fairly easy to understand. Within a month or two my first script gather hundreds of thousands of views and I began to like scripting and appeasing the general audience. Later, I was introduced to Minecraft and the Minecraft Mods which game along with that, and started developing mods with CraftBukkit, written in Java and Javascript. I was previously hired as a consultant to another RS botting company - which I would rather not name - after (when I was 15-16) and started developing bots for them again in Java. Personally, I'm extremely into House music (edm and progressive dance) and love to go to different parties or dance events. I've also recently been hooked on body building. I go by the motto: "Fit body; fit mind." 6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: [1-3 short paragraphs] I feel I am Worthy (puns) for the scripter rank because of not only the qualifications and experience mentioned above, but the continued persuit of appeasing the TRiBot community and releasing top-notch scripts for them. 7) What you plan to provide the community with: [1-3 short Paragraphs] I plan to provide the community with varied (and hopefully useful) tutorials upon request and as well as useful scripts that are needed. I continually offer to help and support anyone asking questions or needing help in the Scripting Help section, as well. 8) Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? [YES/NO] Yes 9) Do you agree to follow the terms found here if you ever release a premium script? [YES/NO] Yes Regards, Worthy @vancouver of course @assume the mousepaint class is not necessary for you to evaluate my code and view my potential as script writer
  9. Save and Load GUI Settings Tutorial by Worthy In this tutorial We will be using java.util Propteries class to save and load settings from your GUI (or anything else that is applicable) ________ Adding the proper variables for preparation. Before you start we'll need a Properties file and the file that saves the settings. In your Variables class or Main class add: When you start the script, we must declare the path variables: In your GUI class we must create the Save and Load settings methods Implementing the methods On the "Start" button, we will call saveSettings(); On the script initiation we will call the loadSettings(); (after the GUI has been loaded) -->Alternatively you can just create seperate save and load buttons on the GUI. Tying everything together: The first thing the script will do is declare the File Path, and initiate the Preferences file. When the GUI loads, the script will then call loadSettings(), loading the settings (if any). If no settings are saved, it well then create a new file in the path. Right before the GUI is disposed it will save all the settings the user has applied in TRiBot's storage directory. (You can print out the location if you don't know where that is for your OS). _________ Example script on GitHub: https://github.com/WorthyTRiBot/GUISettings I put everything in one class for the sake of simplicity. Regards, Worthy
  10. |w| Merchant Assister

    Merchant Assister By Worthy Make trading in world one - or any crowded area - incredibly easy. Demo: (hyperlink to YouTube) Features Easy trading in world oneHighlights players that you're looking to trade withRefreshes player list every minuteFiltering (buying, selling), keywords, etc.0% Ban Rate (script never directly interacts with the game)No idsSteps Type in the key word(s) you're looking for (separated with a comma)Press "Start"!In the display GUI, you can filter the results that are buying or selling by checking the corresponding boxCheck the box on the chat message you would like to see in game!Turning off "Public" helps with visibilityAll steps above demonstratd in the demo video. Click to add: Enjoy!
  11. |w| AutoTalker Infinite

    AutoTalker Infinite By Worthy Features As many lines as you want to autotalk (will scroll down indefinitely)Custom time interval delayABCL 10Auto Accept TradesAlert with a popup window the accepted trade (perfect for leaving the bot running and doing something else, while it talks and accepts trades. It will then alert you a trade has been established, and you can take over). Steps Make sure to select the Trade tab when logged in: Click to add: Enjoy!
  12. Node Framework Tutorial by Worthy What is Node Framework? A node based framework breaks actions into different classes. Each class extends a Node and has a validate and execute function. In this tutorial I will be writing a basic powerminer to demonstrate the effectiveness of using Nodes. ________ Node class: Validate: if true, will run the execute method. Execute: where the action happens ________ Second, we will plan and break down the actions we'll be creating. In a powerminer, there are really only a couple classes necessary: A GUI class (optional) A MineOre class A DropOre class Since this is a basic tutorial, I'm going to skip the GUI class And for simplicity's sake, I won't be externalizing any variables (I usually have separate classes for Constants and Variables). The MineOre class: ____ The DropOre class: ____ Lastly, the main class, PowerMiner: Tying everything together: When the script is initiated we add all the nodes we want into the ArrayList of nodes. The script then loops indefinitely, looping through each node in the ArrayList, validating it, and then executing. The min and max parameters I have set in the loop method, ensure the bot waits at least 20 to 40 milliseconds in between nodes. _________ As you can see you can do much much more with a node-based framework, but this tutorial shows the barebone basics. For example: if you have an AIO script, you can have the GUI determine which nodes to add to the ArrayList. You can delete nodes to run if an action is completed, etc. Full script on GitHub: https://github.com/WorthyTRiBot/PowerMiner Regards, Worthy