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Found 8 results

  1. Summary Collects planks that at the barbarian outpost plank spot. Banks the planks once you have a full inventory and hops worlds when all planks on one world have been picked up. Makes up to 200K+ an hour with no requirements needed. Just start the bot at the Barbarian Outpost bank or near the planks. Implements ABC2 Antiban methods. Supports custom world hopping method Antiban methods based on real life data from human players. Makes 200K+ an hour No requirements or starting cash needed. Features dynamic paint that shows status of script, GP per hour rate, time ran, and planks collected Features GUI Perfect Goldfarming Script This script is a perfect script to run on multiple accounts and collect gold. All it requires is for you to start the script at Barbarian outpost. There are no requirements needed or starting cash needed. Contact For any support or questions, comment below or email me: [email protected]
  2. Error: I am able to login to any world on any other osrs client This issue on the Tribot client only occurs for certain worlds (about half of em) I've redownloade client, issue persists Using world hopper, same issue
  3. Hi i just started using tribot ive set it up using aminer but when it wants to worldhop it logs out and clicks on change world and then clicks in between the worlds not clicking on them complelty missing them also it clicked on a world that was a members world and its on a f2p account please help thanks.
  4. Im working on an in game world hopper, thought id post it here. Please roast my code and offer suggestions/improvements. import java.awt.Rectangle; import org.tribot.api.General; import org.tribot.api.Timing; import org.tribot.api.input.Mouse; import org.tribot.api.types.generic.Condition; import org.tribot.api2007.GameTab; import org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces; import org.tribot.api2007.NPCChat; import org.tribot.api2007.WorldHopper; import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSInterfaceChild; import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSInterfaceComponent; public class AMWorldHopper { private static Rectangle hopperBounds = new Rectangle(550, 250, 170, 170); private static int TOP_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE = 240; private static int BOTTOM_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE = 400; private static int WORLD_HOPPER_PARENT_ID = 69; private static int WORLD_HOPPER_CHILD_ID = 7; private static int WORLD_SWITCHER_BUTTON_PARENT_ID = 182; private static int WORLD_SWITCHER_BUTTON_CHILD_ID = 5; public static boolean hopWorlds(int world) { world = world > 300 ? world - 300 : world; if(WorldHopper.getWorld() == world) { return true; } if(NPCChat.getClickContinueInterface() != null) { NPCChat.clickContinue(true); General.sleep(800, 1400); } if(openWorldHopper()) { RSInterfaceComponent worldButton = findWorld(world); if(scrollToWorld(worldButton)) { if(worldButton.click()) { return waitForHop(world); } } } return false; } private static boolean waitForHop(final int world) { return Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { General.sleep(100); if(NPCChat.getOptions() != null) { NPCChat.selectOption("Yes. In future, only warn about dangerous worlds.", true); } return WorldHopper.getWorld() == world; } }, 15000); } private static RSInterfaceComponent findWorld(int world) { RSInterfaceChild worldHopper = Interfaces.get(WORLD_HOPPER_PARENT_ID, WORLD_HOPPER_CHILD_ID); if(worldHopper != null) { RSInterfaceComponent[] worlds = worldHopper.getChildren(); if(worlds != null) { for(int i=2;i<worlds.length;i+=6) { if(worlds[i] != null && worlds[i].getText() != null && worlds[i].getText().equals(Integer.toString(world))) { return worlds[i-2]; } } } } return null; } private static boolean scrollToWorld(RSInterfaceComponent worldComponent) { long started = System.currentTimeMillis(); while(!isWorldVisible(worldComponent) && System.currentTimeMillis() - started < 15000) { if(!hopperBounds.contains(Mouse.getPos())) { Mouse.moveBox(hopperBounds); General.sleep(600, 1000); } Mouse.scroll(worldComponent.getAbsolutePosition().getY() < TOP_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE ? true: false, distanceFromBeingVisible(worldComponent) >= 200 ? 4 : 3); General.sleep(300, 500); } return isWorldVisible(worldComponent); } private static int distanceFromBeingVisible(RSInterfaceComponent worldComponent) { if(worldComponent.getAbsolutePosition().getY() < TOP_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE) { return (int) (TOP_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE - worldComponent.getAbsolutePosition().getY()); } else { return (int) (worldComponent.getAbsolutePosition().getY() - BOTTOM_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE); } } private static boolean isWorldVisible(RSInterfaceComponent worldComponent) { return worldComponent.getAbsolutePosition().getY() <= BOTTOM_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE && worldComponent.getAbsolutePosition().getY() >= TOP_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE; } private static boolean openWorldHopper() { if(GameTab.getOpen() != GameTab.TABS.LOGOUT) { if(GameTab.open(GameTab.TABS.LOGOUT)) { General.sleep(800, 1200); } } if(GameTab.getOpen() == GameTab.TABS.LOGOUT && !Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(69)) { RSInterfaceChild worldSwitcherButton = Interfaces.get(WORLD_SWITCHER_BUTTON_PARENT_ID, WORLD_SWITCHER_BUTTON_CHILD_ID); if(worldSwitcherButton != null) { if(worldSwitcherButton.click() && Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(WORLD_HOPPER_PARENT_ID); } }, 5000)) { General.sleep(600, 800); } } } return GameTab.getOpen() == GameTab.TABS.LOGOUT && Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(WORLD_HOPPER_PARENT_ID); } }
  5. Is there a way to blacklist dmm worlds? My accounts are going to get banned from this. They login in to dmm worlds when I'm not at the computer and then they sit there and do something stupid then take a break then log back in and start doing it again. How do I blacklist dmm worlds?
  6. Anyway to block the world switcher from switching to the deadman worlds?
  7. i am currently mining runite ore using mfMiner v1.1, but when it tries to hop world it's just stuck on the login screen and i have to enter my login details manually. Is there any way to set it up so that it enters your details for you?
  8. Hey guys, So I'm adding functionality to my bot to hop if it gets put into one of the "botting worlds", 385 or 386. How would I check in my script which world I'm in while in game? I want to add it to the front of my loop so like (pseudoCode): while(isRunning){ if(World.getWorld() == 385 || World.getWorld == 386){ //HOP WORLDS } // CONTINUE WITH SCRIPT}
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